Monday, March 19, 2012


Vera Scarbrough, who is the stage manager for the Princess Grand Opening show, gave me the lineup for Thursday night's program, as we listened to the Babahatchie Community Band practice on the Princess stage tonight.

When they finished the "Star Spangled Banner" it was the first complete song ever played on the new Princess Theatre stage!  It sounded great, and the Princess acoustics are wonderful!  There is no bad seat in the house; either from a visual or a hearing stand point!

Bill Landry will host the evening, giving the microphone over to Dr. Goff, Jim Henry, Mayor Mason among others.

Of course, as you figured from the opening, the Babahatchie Band will play, as will Dr. Eric Littleton.

Muse Watson and area school children will present "the dream", which is how this all started some 13 years ago!

There will be lots of other music from the Roane Ramblers (Blue Grass from Roane State), the Grand Prees, and several other groups.

All-in-all, it should be a bang up show and a fitting celebration for the fourth Grand Opening for our Princess!

Sorry if you didn't get a ticket, but there will be many more opportunities to be entertained at the Princess.  This, and Saturday night's "Marshall Tucker Band" concert are just the first of many performances coming to the Princess Theatre, in Downtown Harriman.

My next post will probably be after the Grand Opening.


David Woodby said...

I'm so disappointed I'm missing the grand opening.I have been asking & asking & searching for information on opening night,I'm a new resident to Harriman,I asked the ladies at the library with no results,no published number for theater nor a website.I just found this blog today..I'm so happy for the community,bad sad for me,I can't be there opening night or for Marshall Tucker band as tickets sold out so quickly.

KLP Photography said...

I agree with David. Just found out about this today. I think The Princess needs a real website, to sell tickets, conert info, etc... I'm sure it will all come in time! So happy that it's finally ready to open!

Mushy said...

They have a real further post or Google it using Roane State.

Mushy said...

David Woodby said...

Thanks Mushy,but I tried Google yesterday march 21 & there was no website,thanks again for the link.

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