PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: April 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

T. Graham Brown To The Princess!

Here's another great one coming May 31st!
Show starts at 7:00 and tickets are $29.75. They can be purchased at Rocky Top General Store or

2 Steel Girls Coming To The Princess June 21st

The bookings just keep coming for the Princess stage!   

Coming on June 21st is 2Steel Girls, a Country Music Duo from NBC’s, The Voice, team Blake Shelton.  Most think that Allison & Krystal Steel of 2Steel Girls are sisters, but they are really mother and daughter and the only mother, daughter duo to ever compete on the show.

Since their last performance on The Voice in Dec. 2012, they have recorded with Blake Shelton, released their debut CD on the Today Show, Hallmark’s Home & Family and more. 

Get you tickets now at!  They will be available soon at the Rocky Top General Store and the Harriman Jewelry Exchange.  Call them before going by.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Megan Anderson And Muse Watson Entertain The Rotary Club

Yes, they did exactly what they are supposed to do, entertain people!  Megan is the Manger of the Princess Theatre, and Muse, and actor of stage and screen for over 25 years.  They each amused and charmed the Harriman Rotary Club at today's meeting.
Muse Watson, Megan Anderson, and Dr. Julian Ahler
Filling in for ailing Vera Scarbrough, who was supposed to have addressed the club today, Muse and Megan volunteered to present this week's program in her absence.

Muse also has picked up the reins of coordinating the upcoming Multi-Talent Show until Vera is back in action!  The show will feature students from the Roane and Morgan area schools, grades K-12 coming up Friday, May 2 at 6 PM.
Muse told his "The Dream" story, but unlike he had given it before.  I was personally impressed with his strong commitment to children of this area; and how much he wanted every member of the group before him to believe in "the dream" just as much as he does.  He related about even more coming shows involving students for this area.  I will be posting a lineup of those shows in the next post.

Muse tells hopefuls that he never recommends anyone getting into the "acting" field.  It's a difficult road, but at the same time he stresses the importance of "the arts" in our lives.  
He told a story of how he longed to play the drums in high school, but his family circumstance did not permit that.  His family had bought a clarinet for his sister, therefore, it was handed down to him.  If he wanted to play a musical instrument, it had to be the clarinet!  The clarinet isn't a manly instrument, he quipped!

However, years later, while at Berea College in Kentucky, on a music scholarship, he realized that the "less than manly" clarinet was paying his way through college, and ultimately lead him to his career in acting.
So, the arts are important in our lives, even if all we ever do is play our clarinet for our girlfriends or wives!

The first thing cut out of school budgets is art!  So, we must strive to keep art in our schools, and in our communities.  The Princess needs everyone's help in maintaining a place where students, regardless of their backgrounds, can come and learn the arts.

"Please," Muse asked, "if you can help even a little, please help the Princess stay open for our children.  As the theater grows and we learn how to operate, we will do more and more to ensure "the dream" continues to come true for every child in our area.
Meagan, armed with photos taken by yours truly, took the Rotary group through the 10 years of restoration; showing before and after photos of the Princess.  It's amazing, some whispered, when they saw the pre-restoration photos, that anything so beautiful could have come from that decaying mess!

As Megan stated, looking back at these photos, you wonder why we just didn't start from the ground up.  But good things happened and the Princess was reborn.

Megan explained her role in managing both RSCC theaters, and how she decides which performance plays on what stage.  Most of it is common sense, for example, a concert is naturally best for the Princess stage.

She then went through her upcoming line up, which I will post next.  Suffice it to say, there are entertaining things coming up for the children of the Roane and Morgan communities.  So, please come out and support, not only the children, but the Princess Theatre.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM coming to the Princess!

RSCC Playmakers

Selected Scenes

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
William Shakespeare

April 26th at 2 PM & 7PM
April 27th at 2 PM

Donations will be accepted at the door.
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