PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: 2019

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Could The TAMS Rock The Princess For A Third Time - YES!

Friday night was the third time The TAMS have performed on the Princess Theatre's stage.  First in July of 1913, then again in May of 2014.  It had been five years since last evening's concert, but the Princess audience hadn't forgotten them.  The kept the beat, sang the lyrics, and cheered as Lil Redd (Albert Cottle) ran the isles urging them on to a higher plain of love and understanding through his music!
The name Tams came from the group's wearing "Tam O’Shanter hats" on stage.  The tams all gleamed under the stage lights, but were unable to hold back the sweat of their brows!  They work hard, and for a photographer, that makes it hard to freeze the action; they are always moving!
There is a legacy being carried on from the original group, and it can continue through the sons and grandsons of the group.  Two youngsters joined them on stage and thrilled the audience with their moves, and the thought that the music will continue in the future.  I just hope there will be people who will be moved by the music of The TAMS after those of my age group are gone.  It's great music that makes one feel Young, feel Foolish, and feel Happy!  It's certainly music this old "60s Kind Of Man" grew up on!

The bottom line here folks, is that the Princess is providing a great lineup of live music and theatre for your enjoyment.  Get up, get out, and get entertained!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

KISS (Dressed To Kill USA) Sends The Princess Audience Back To 1973!

No, Gene Simmons and the gang were not at the Princess Theatre Saturday night, but you would be fooled if you stepped into the venue Saturday night!  Dress To Kill USA performed a flawless tribute to one of the greatest bands of time - KISS!  

The people loved it...arms in the air shouting the words to all their favorites and grasping for guitar picks thrown into the air!  What a time!  The only thing that would have made it better would have been pyrotechnics!  Of course, the insurance would not allow that at the Princess, but it was awesome anyway!

Straight out of Harlan, KY, were Christian Fugate-StarChild, Mike Collins-Demon, Brandon Collins-Spaceman, and Casey Miracle-The Cat!  Yes, Mike and Brandon are related; father and son.
The street filled up in anticipation of the performance, and none were disappointed in what was to come.

Most of us take a concert for granted; not knowing the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.  First there is load in, the sound check, and, in this case, makeup!
Outside in the August heat, Brandon, Casey, and Mike work to assemble the big Kiss light board.  Passersby, had little idea that these guys would soon transform into KISS!
Finally back inside and in the AC of the Princess, the team gets busy with sound check.  The Roane State sound ladies were up to the task of a big rock concert sound.  Using state-of-the-art equipment, like an iPad, they tuned each member's "stage monitor" to just the right levels.

Then the lighting is programed in and tested, prior to the dressed performers taking the stage.

Now it's time for makeup...they have to look the part if they are to become KISS!  I was privileged to be allowed inside the dressing rooms for the application of the KISS look!  How cool!

Finally, the time comes and the lights go down, the eyrie music starts, and anticipation rises.  The smoke seeps from the snake's nostrils, and the audience tries to see through the red it time?
YES!  It's comes KISS, or is it Dressed To Kill USA?  It's hard to tell...check it out!

Bottom line, it was a great concert, a great tribute, and the music was spot on!  Luckily for me, there was plenty of light on stage, so my photographs are a touch better than normal.  You can see them up close, in detail, and almost feel the good time we all had Saturday night.

Thank you Dressed To Kill USA - PLEASE COME BACK SOON!
Now, here are a few more...

And, two more for dessert...a couple of "good ole boys"  with the band!

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