PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: June 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

GREAT NEWS! You Can Now Buy Princess Event Tickets Online!

That's right, and just in time for the TAMS and the C. Vaughn Leslie and BOYS' NIGHT OUT shows on July 20th, you can buy your tickets online at
This is a first, and I hope, the future of ticket buying for events at the Princess Theatre in Downtown Harriman.

Tickets are still available at Rocky Top General, and Harriman Jewelry Exchange, or at the door.

Tickets are only $20 for the floor and $15 for the balcony.  That's a great entertainment value for your money folks, so order now! 

Help get the word out by forwarding this blog link!  Thanks!

This is another great show brought to you by the Princess Theatre Foundation!

Friday, June 14, 2013


Prior to the Brother's concert, Roane Street was filled with it should be!  
The lights on the marquee burned brightly and the auditorium waited its audience!
 Finally, it was time to open the doors!
Then, it was time to meet The Brothers, The Bellamy Brothers, David Milton Bellamy and Homer Howard Bellamy Darby, Florida.  The duo had considerable musical success in the 1970s and 1980s, starting with the release of their crossover hit "Let Your Love Flow" in 1976, a Number One single on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Brothers Band supported their front men well, and won over some fans on their own.  Especially prominent were Randy Hiebert on guitar, Walley Dentz on rhythm guitar and harp, and Gregg Stocki on drums.

Gregg Stocki was born in Virginia and raised in Texas. He is a Grammy award winning musician whose distinctive style has resulted in extensive studio and live experience. Gregg has called Nashville home for the past 18 years when not touring with an extensive list of chart topping artists. He has appeared on national and international television shows, movie soundtracks and recorded with Dwight Yoakum, Willie Nelson, Travis Tritt, Marty Stuart, Steve Earle, EmmyLou Harris and Sheryl Crow to name a few.

Randy Hiebert is the lead guitarist for the Bellamy Brothers.  "The first time I joined the Bellamy's was in '93.  Dannie Jones( Steel Guitar) had moved to WPG. and I met the brothers after Dannie and I had become friends.  After 6 years and 5 albums, I returned home for 5 years. I've recently rejoined the Bellamy Bro's and it's great to be "back in the saddle"!!!"
Wally (Waldemar Dentz) joined the Bellamy Brother's band in 1983. He plays bass guitar and harmonica. He also functions as the Bellamy's road manager. Also known as the 3rd Bellamy Brother, Wally Played on "Two and Only", "When we Were Boys", "Strong Weakness", "Sons of Beaches", "Over the Line", "Reggae Cowboys", and "Lonely Planet" albums.

They each have big personalities and quickly garnered whistles and applause from new fans!
(L-R) Arlis Brkhard, Chris Marsalis, Paul Mashburn, Kenneth Humphrey, Nathan Hammons, and Bill Radice.
Backstage, there was a reunion of sorts going own.  The Princess Foundation A-Team (missing a few) was once again together.  We always have a great time and love supporting the Princess when we can.

Jimbo Duncan was back from heart surgery, and it was good to see him out and about!
As for me, well, wearing my back surgery brace, I still got to meet the Bellamy Brothers and snap these photos!  
It was good to be back again, although I didn't last long.

The Bellamy Brothers gave the Princess audience their money's worth; standing nearly in one place, without a break, or a sip of water, they played for an hour and forty minutes!  

After the performance, they stayed until the last fan was finished getting an autograph, buying a CD, or just exchanging a few words.  They really seem to love their fans!

It was a good evening's entertainment, and a very memorable experience for some!

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