PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: August 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sold Out 1964 - The Tribute Concert Was One Of The Best!

Not since Marshal Tucker, at the Grand Opening back on March 24, 2012, has a concert at the Princess Theatre been sold out, but it happened last night with the 1964 - The Tribute band!  What a show...what memories...what a great time!
The house was packed with Beatle lovers, music lovers, and just curious folks!  Could they live up to their memories of the Beatles?  Yes, and how!
I remember hearing my first Beatle song, "I Want To Hold Your Hand", while sitting at the red light that used to be at the Church of Christ on Roane Street, and I've love their music and talent ever since.  I didn't really expect this group could bring back that old feeling, but they did.  The guys are really, really talented, and they brought it all back!

Mark Benson (John Lennon), Tom Work (George Harrison), Mac Ruffing (Paul McCartney), and Bobby Potter (Ringo Starr) truly delivered!  The look, the accents, the hair cuts, the jokes, and, most importantly, the sound of the Beatles.

It's been said that you really didn't hear the Beatles at concerts back in the day; with all the screaming and the poor amps they had.  But 1964 delivers a song that you can hear and enjoy.  Honestly, this was the best sound set up with had at the Princess.  The voices were slightly under the music at times, but 99% of it was clear and crisp.


This was quite a catch for the Princess, The Tribute plays all the major cities across the country, and even hits Carnegie Hall once a year, so we are honored to have had them perform for us.  There's a possibly too, that we will get them again!

There wasn't any dancing down front, which I had expected, but there was some back behind the sound control center, and there were those that danced in place!  However, the iconic Ringo head shaking, done to perfection by Bobby Potter, created a lot of head-bobbing, including mine!

The Tribute did two 45-minutes sets and included all the favorites, and a great encore that had the house jumping!  And, of course, each song ended with the obligatory Beatles bow, and the last bow, sadly meant it was over.

1964 - The Tribute is made up of some really nice guys.  The took time to talk to you and were overly giving to fans back stage.  

Although they stick to the script and stay in character when in costume, you could tell they liked our venue.  So, that's encouraging when wondering if they will come back.  Let's hope so.
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