PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: May 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

T. Graham Brown Tickets Reduced!

Folks, the promoter of the T. Graham Brown concert wants to make the show available to as many area music lovers as possible, so he is authorizing ticket prices lowered to $20!

The promoter has many shows that he would like to bring to the Princess Theatre in years to come, so he wants this concert to be a success.  It his his hope that after seeing the T. Graham Brown concert, which includes the band SOUTHBOUND, you'll see the quality of the productions!
So, folks, get out there and invite your friends and neighbors to this special show or our Princess stage!

Tickets can be bought online today at, and picked up at the ticket booth the night of the show.

See you there!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


The last time I posted about The TAMS, back in July of 2013, I told you that they "rock'n rolled'em up and down the aisles"!  Well, they did it again Friday night!
Yes, I have proof.  They stood, they danced, and they "conga lined" it around the theater.  To the dismay of some, everyone up front seemed to stand through the entire show, and you couldn't blame them!  The TAMS put on another great show with their legendary hits.

Little Redd (Albert) Cottle bounced up and down, and "spanked it" to the beat of the great The 14 Karat Gold Band!  Right in step were fellow singers Reginald Preston, Robert Arnold, and Elton Richardson.

Behind the energetic group were Rodney Bruce, on keyboards, and who sang several old and familiar tunes until show time, Bernard Jordan on drums, and James “Tootie” Hogan, who did an outstanding job on lead guitar!

The newly formed Roane County Schools Education Foundation, brought a great event to the Princess Theatre, and those responding to their need for funds, to buy security cameras for our county schools, seemed to be pleased with the program.  

There was food and drink, and music in the "Annex" building, and tents were set up along the sidewalk to keep goers dry from the occasional showers.  
Prior to the show, Bernard Jordan gave Princess stage hand Keaton VanJones a turn at his drum set.  Keaton was responsible for the "key" light during the show, and hopes to be an accomplished drummer one day.  Who knows, he may head line at the Princess one day.  With the ambition the young man displays today, anything is possible!

The TAMS have been entertaining and thrilling audiences for over 50 years! Known for such hits as "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy", "What Kind of Fool", "I've Been Hurt" and "Untie Me", The Tams have had 2 Gold Records, and 1 Platinum Single.  "Hey Girl Don't Bother Me" hit #1 in the UK in 1971. 
It was a great night, and I have to say I was entertained...again!  I like what the Princess has become to our community, and I can't wait for everyone to get on board.

Here are some of the photos I was able to get at the concert.  Maybe you are in one of them!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Gold City Gospel Group Coming June 6th!

The award winning Southern Gospel group, Gold City, is coming to the Princess Theatre June 6th at 7PM.

Their name (Gold City) is synonymous with setting the standard for male quartets since their inception in 1980. Many have tried to pattern their style and sound, but there’s only one Gold City. Theirs is a stellar career with numerous number one songs, fan and industry awards, and prestigious honors. Yet this Gadsden, Alabama-based group remains down-to-earth, grounded in their southern roots, and committed to continuing their mission of delivering power-packed four-part harmonies and singing songs that are meaningful, entertaining, inspiring, and uplifting.
There’s something to be said for longevity. In a time when too many people lack what it takes to stick to a plan for the long haul, Gold City has proven they are a mainstay in the world of gospel music. In addition to a full-time year round touring schedule, Gold City has a wall of awards and accolades from the past thirty-four years. Radio continues to embrace this quartet, honoring them with number one songs in each of the last four decades, their most recent being "Peter James and John" in 2012. With an energetic vocal line-up and fresh musical arrangements of dynamic songs, you can expect many more years of success for this great group.

Every musical genre has its artists who defy the norms of the average life span of a career. Whether it’s the Eagles in rock music or country’s mainstay, The Oak Ridge Boys, there are those who rise to legendary status and continue to make music that appeals to their generation while gathering new fans on a continual basis. Gold City is among those elite groups who continues to reach new audiences and consistently amass new fans who fall in love with their distinct sound as soon as they hear it.  

Now into their 34th year, legendary bass vocalist, 2013 Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame Inductee, and multi-award-winning Tim Riley continues to anchor the group with his rich, deep, and clear bass voice. His son, Daniel Riley, bartione, has assumed the management role and leads the group onward into the future. He provides a smooth baritone vocal that blends perfectly with the other voices in the group, but also has the versatility to step out for a solo with power and soul. Lead vocalist Chip Pullen follows a long list of dynamic lead vocalist and takes a back seat to no one. Although the newest member to Gold City’s team, Chip has quickly gained fans with his commanding voice and musical delivery as well as his easy-going personality. Tenor Robert Fulton puts the top on the sound with his high clear tenor voice and sincere delivery of each song. Bryan Elliott accompanies the group with his talent and skill on the piano, providing those subtle yet effective musical enhancements for the group’s vocals–as well as shining center stage on instrumental solos.  

Each member of Gold City is talented and dedicated to sharing the good news of the gospel through songs with encouraging and challenging lyrics, presented in an exciting performance on stage. Each man is committed to moving forward and taking Gold City even further than it has gone before. Remaining true to the heritage of the legacy of the past 30-plus years, Gold City continue to build on the great foundation that has already been established. In other words, there’s a lot more in store for Gold City fans old and new, so get ready–the future is now and the best is yet to come.

Tickets available at the usual places around Harriman, plus you can get them now on!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Annual Multi-County Talent Show Is A Grand Hit!

The 2014 Multi-County Talent Show fills the Princess stage with once hidden talent, and sets the stage for a grander event next year!  

Roane County and Oakdale schools sent students with a wide variety of talents to the theater Friday evening.  The stage floor was filled with supporters and judges, and very proud parents and grandparents, who were all surprised and entertained by our area students.  It was a great show folks, and you should have been there!

Organizer Vera Scarbrough, who was fresh out of the hospital, predicts that next year's talent show will stretch into a two-night event.  Some of the area schools had not heard about the Princess Foundation's talent night, and held their own shows.  Upon hearing about Friday's affair, they all want to be a part of next year's event.  Maybe next year the schools can hold their own talent shows, and then send the best on to the Princess to compete with other artists!  What an idea!
Muse Watson and Gary Baker stepped in to help when Vera suddenly became ill.  Together they brought in the school's best talents, and everyone seemed to be thoroughly impressed with what they saw performed on the Princess Theatre stage.  

In all, there were 24 acts, plus John Condrone, of Oakdale, came to emcee and play some of his hit tunes for the audience.
Singer/song writer John Condrone is from Oakdale.
This kind of event is just what "The Dream" foresaw; talented children with a stage on which to display their individual talents.  A place to grow in the love of the arts!

It's such a shame that most of the county shows do not have a drama club.  It is the Foundation's hope that schools will put the arts back into the school budget, and let the children find themselves in the arts.  Then they all can come to the Princess, and then who knows where they will go!

Friday night's talent show started outside with "street art".  Here are a few examples of that display of talent.  Next year I hope all the sidewalks are filled with art!  It doesn't matter your age...just draw something!
Maurice "Gramps" Lowery is Harriman's resident "street artist".  He is shown with his "Dragon" entry.  Maurice also encouraged and helped other young artist awaken their inner talents!

Muse signed autographs, and enjoyed some popcorn outside, while the acts did sound checks and the stage was prepared inside.

Here Muse is actually cleaning up with one hand, while the other holds his popcorn.  Carol Farmer prepares to collect the admission...ONLY $5.
The show began with Mayor Chris Mason (with sidekick Kendal) introducing Muse Watson who introduced the show's coordinator, Vera Scarbrough, and they were off.  

Here are the acts (names withheld due to their ages), in order of appearance...

And, the overall winner was Emery Francis!  She performed "House Of The Rising Sun".
Even during the show, Muse sat backstage and encourage the young performers to put aside their stage fright and to do their best!
When the last contestant had performed, John Condrone entertained the audience as the judges conferred.  Then it was time to present the awards for each category or division.  The stage was full of expectant performers who cheered and applauded for each winner, as Muse announced them.
After the show, Muse was there again, offering congratulations to the performers, and encouraging them to come back next year.
Muse gave Vera a bouquet of flowers for all her hard work.  She was surprised by the gesture, and told the audience not to go away thinking it had been the "Vera Scarbrough Show"!

Truth be told, there would have been no show without, it kind of was the Vera Show!  Thank you Ms. Vera, for again leading us to the arts!
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