PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Beautifully Performed On The Princess Stage

Thursday, May 1, 2014

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" Beautifully Performed On The Princess Stage

On Sunday afternoon, April 27th, I stopped at the Princess to see Michael Golebiewski's direction of William Shakespeare's comical play "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

A good sized crowd was in attendance, although not a full house, but if you added the three shows together, the turnout was great.  Everyone seemed to get into the characters and laugh at the appropriate moments. 

I don't have a list of the names of the students playing all the fourteen+ roles, but maybe you can leave comments identifying your friend, family member, or favorite character's real name.  Should I get a list, I will come back and ID the cast beneath the photos.

The main plot of Midsummer is a complex contraption that involves two sets of couples (Hermia and Lysander, and Helena and Demetrius) whose romantic cross-purposes are complicated still further by their entrance into the play's fairyland woods where the King and Queen of the Fairies (Oberon and Titania) preside and the impish folk character of Puck or Robin Goodfellow plies his trade. Less subplot than a brilliant satirical device, another set of characters—Bottom the weaver and his bumptious band of "rude mechanicals"—stumble into the main doings when they go into the same enchanted woods to rehearse a play that is very loosely based on the myth of Pyramus and Thisbe, their hilarious home-spun piece taking up Act V of Shakespeare's comedy.

Suffice it to say, the actors were prepared and delivered!  They didn't realize one thing, however, that they were fulfilling part of THE DREAM as they performed live on the Princess Stage; students sharing what they have learned of the arts on the stage for the entire community to enjoy. 

Here now are more photos from the evening I shared with the Roane State Playmakers, who are actively engaged in the Theatre Degree Program at Roane State Community College!

Puck (played by Abby Stevenson) is a clever, mischievous elf or sprite that personifies the trickster or the wise knave.

See what you missed!

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Marsha Scarbrough said...

Lovely pictures! Puck is played by Abby Stevenson. :)

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