PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: July 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


That's right, Elvis (as impersonated by Greg Johnson) will be in the Princess Theatre on August 18th!

The Harriman City Schools Alumni Association is sponsoring "A Tribute to Elvis" on August 18, 2012 from 7:00-8:30pm at the Princess Theatre
The event features award winning Elvis tribute artist Greg Johnson, with special music provided by award winning songwriter and star of the longest running morning variety show in the Smokies, Patty Waszak
General admission ticket price is $12.00 and reserved seats are $25.00. 

Tickets can be purchased at Rocky Top General Store, in South Harriman, and at Dustin Smith's Amazing Bakes Cookies and Cakes bakery, and The Jewelry Exchange in downtown Harriman, TN. 

Proceeds from the event will go to the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"LIVE From The Princess" - Good and Bad News

The bad news probably missed it!  That's so unfortunate too!

LIVE From The Princess” attracts singers from around the country. Whether it be country, pop, R&B or gospel, you get a front row seat to tomorrows upcoming stars. This high energy program is hosted by entertainer Angel Nash. Each program includes a personal glimpse of the artists themselves as well as featuring their music. LIVE From the Princess is webcast on and broadcast on BBB Communications Channel 12, Comcast Cable, and can be heard on WKVL Radio 850AM & 105.3FM.

"LIVE From The Princess" may become a recurring show, with new performers being assembled each month.  Each show will be different, and guaranteed to be entertaining.  The next show is August 25th!

The theme  will always be different, but all will perform in from of the new/old jukebox stage prop.  This prop has been in Nashville for over 20 years and has seen lots of today's well known performers.

The host for this, and each month's show, was  Angel Nash.  
Angel is Originally from New York, Angel moved to Nashville 15 years ago. She has performed with  various artists such as Craig Morgan, JoDee Messina, Hal Ketchum, Lori White, T. Graham Brown, Ricky Lynn Gregg and many others. 
Angel has also hosted several syndicated worldwide TV and radio programs. Before moving to Nashville, Angel performed 8 years of theatre with leading roles in productions such as Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, West Side Story, and Wizard of Oz.

The groups assembled on August 14th were great family entertainment.  For the most part, the performances were "faith based" with a country/western theme. 
For example, first up was MICHAEL TETRICK, a singer/songwriter from Indiana.  Mike has sung at numerous fairs, rodeos, and is also very active in youth ministry outreaches.  Michael explained the inspiration for each of his songs, and told the crowd about how he straighten out his life.  He's now a new man with a new purpose!
He certainly showed us he could sing too!  I thoroughly enjoyed each of his personal tunes.

Next up was the husband and wife team of RenĂ© and Edie Jones.  This couple was not afraid to show their affection for each other and walked on and off the stage holding hands.  Their harmonies were linked as well, and feed the audience with personally written songs of faith.
RenĂ© and Edie Jones (the Christian Cowboy) are from  South Carolina moved to Nashville in 1992. They have had several songs to chart in the top ten of the Christian Country and Country Gospel charts. They had a #1 hit  with the Christian Country record called  “Rockin on the Front Porch” in 2009. 
Up next was BILL WRIGHT (in the background above), a Rockwood native singer/songwriter, who has recorded numerous albums, is very active in singing in regional radio programs. He was recently featured on the American Pickers television show.
Bill has been in the music business for many years and has many CDs of his music out there.  He also loves his guitars, as you can see above, and says he doesn't really know how many he owns.
ANN HARTMANN, touched those that came with her songs of faith too!  She is a singer/songwriter who has had 7 songs to reach #1 on Independent Christian Country charts. She received numerous awards and nominations for her singing/songwriting. She currently performs at churches, writer’s nights, and women’s seminars.

But the group that impressed me most was RELENTLESS!

Relentless members (L-R) Nick Hill, Haley Fulmer, Austin Jones, and Anthony Hamby all attend the Courts of Praise Church that meets on Sundays at the Princess. They recently opened for the group the Vespers back in June. Haley, just 17 years-old, leads with vocals and ukele, a was the star of the least for me.  She's so talented and I predict will go far!
Nick, who is the minister for Courts of Praise Church, plays banjo and kick drum, and Austin plays bass, while Anthony plays the guitar.
The young group is well worth listening to, and even visiting the church service on Sundays to hear.

I hated to pick a favorite, because they were all good, but Relentless just blew me away.  They had heads rocking to the beat, and people whispering to their neighbor how good the young group was!

Here is just a sample of their two songs!  Watch an listen to Haley, and you can tell she enjoys being on stage and singing her songs of praise!

Now, aren't you sad you missed it all?!
The good news is...there will be a new show from "LIVE From The Princess" each month.  So, now that you know what you've missed, you can look forward to the kind of quality show you will see.
Behind the scenes, are a lot of talented people making sure the acts are organized and presented properly.  Since these shows are video recorded, you might even get on TV yourself!  

So come support your Princess on August 25th, at 7PM, and be thoroughly entertained for only $5 at the door!

Friday, July 13, 2012

"Live From The Princess" Starts this Saturday Evening

Don't have plans for tomorrow night? Now you do! Come to the Princess Theatre to see LIVE From The Princess.

LIVE From The Princess” attracts singers from around the country.Whether it be country, pop, R&B or gospel, you get a front row seat to tomorrows upcoming stars. This high energy program is hosted by entertainer Angel Nash. Each program includes a personal glimpse of the artists themselves as well as featuring their music. 
LIVE From the Princess is webcast on and broadcast on BBB Communications Channel 12 , Comcast Cable and can be heard on WKVL Radio 850AM & 105.3FM .

Doors open at 6pm

Show at 7pm

Tickets: $5 sold at the door

Saturday, July 7, 2012


You may remember my earlier post about “The Christmas Star” (click here).

Well, to recap, Torry Martin and friends have been looking for a “Princess” to star in their next movie called “The Christmas Star”, which centers around a small-town theater, coincidentally named “The Princess”.

The group heard about our Princess through Muse Watson, who never misses a chance to spread the Princess gospel wherever he goes, about “the dream” and Roane County.

Here is just a taste of the “The Christmas Star” story treatment:

Harriman, Tennessee had everything a small Southern town should have: a good diner... friendly neighbors... and big news the whole town could gossip about. At the center of the buzz was The Princess Theater... a gilded Lady whose velvet curtains hid a silver screen - and a world of dreams. For decades, The Princess was the heart of Harriman's social life, but somewhere along the way the world passed The Princess by. Finally, her bright lights dimmed, and she closed her doors for good. That is, until the day Grady Garrett came back home." 


Marshal Younger has written more than 100 episodes of Focus on the Family’s audio drama “Adventures in Odyssey”. He is also the author of the children’s book series, Kidsboro. He has written two produced screenplays, “A Greater Yes”, and “Meant to Be”, both from PureFlix Entertainment. He currently lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee, with his wife and four children. 

Sandy Brownlee is a writer, actress, and transmedia advisor. Sandy has written for radio, stage, television and film. She helped develop and was primary writer for the original children’s character “Discovery Jones” on the Inspirational Network, as well as for INSPs “Cheyenne Country.” She’s created seven full length radio dramas; eight full-length stage productions; and eight original sketch comedy dinner theaters. She’s also written MOPS Int’l, The Jeremiah People, Jefferson Productions, Bruce Wilkinson, and several national conferences. 

Torry Martin is an actor and comedian who has written for “Adventures in Odyssey” where he created the character of Wooton Basset. He is the author of eight comedy sketchbooks for Lillenas Drama Publishers. Torry is a two-time Gospel Music Association Grand Prize Winner for both his acting and writing abilities and he has a regularly featured humor column in two national periodicals called “On Course” and “Club House”. He makes his home in Sparta, Tennessee. You can visit his website at
This film is just in its first draft, and several more drafts are anticipated before the script satisfies its writers. Movies sometime take years, so it’s going to take a lot of prayer and finger crossing to push this to fruition ahead of the normal schedule.

It will be so good for our community area. It will get our “dream” out there for others to know and maybe encourage them to help us along. “The Dream”, as Muse and Gary began it, will (sort of) be incorporated into the story line.
On July 2nd, Torry, brought singer Erica Lane and filmmaker Kyle Saylors to visit the Princess. Megan Anderson guided them through the newly restored theater, giving them a bit of a history lesson.
Eric Lane Saylors is a (Beautiful! A personal editorial comment!) talented singer and had a new music video come out a month ago that is already up to almost 2 million hits on YouTube. She's creating a stir in Nashville and is recording a new contemporary music CD at the moment. To see her newest video "The Ballad of Sgt Hack", just click on the link! 

Kyle Saylors, is Erica's husband and he owns a production company with his brother Kenny called Saylors Entertainment. Their company has recently had a new series for red Bull picked up that features interviews with several top NFL players and will be airing on FOX Sports on Saturday nights all through football season. They also produced the award-winning documentary "Kimjongilia" that was featured on Fox News and was a hit at Sundance.
To learn more about the Saylors Brothers (click to visit the website). 

The group loved the Princess and think that it would not only be perfect for the film but that it would also be perfect for hosting a variety of concerts and events. (Maybe even an Erica Lane concert perhaps?) Hmmmm.
The group saw our Princess as a great asset, and wished us well in the first months of getting things grounded and moving forward.
Today (July 5th), Torry (right) came back for a follow up meeting, with cowriter Marshal Younger (blue t-shirt), who frequently collaborates with Torry on film scripts and radio drama ideas, and the possible director of the new film, Andrew Walkington (left), founder of the British Youth Film Academy and a well-known director with many credits to his name. 

Gary Baker and I met with the group and enjoyed watching Andrew eat his first American country cooking at the Cracker Barrel. He loved his dumplings, greens, and pinto beans with cornbread. I told him that’s what we all eat around here!
Under the shelter of a small tree in the parking lot, Torry spoke with Muse Watson, who may have a starring role in “The Christmas Star”. Watson has recently leaned toward faith based movies, like last year’s “A Christmas Story”, which he took to the stage in Branson, MO during the Christmas season.

The group seems well formed for success, and is now off to do more writing, planning, talking, networking, and praying about their project. I told them that the Princess Foundation, and the whole Harriman area, is behind this project, and that we (you and I) will do all we can to make it happen here.

They will be looking for downtown shooting locations, talking to many of you, and hoping some of you, and/or your vintage cars, might like to be in their movie. Please offer them your best hospitality!

For now, let’s keep a good thought, and “dream” about the possibly of this movie coming here to film!

Hurry back soon guys!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I'm happy to announce that the long anticipated ticket sales for Bill Landry's "Talk Is Cheap" show at the Princess, August 11, at 7PM, will begin tomorrow (July 6th) at Rocky Top General Store in Harriman, Tennessee.  

The store is located at 316 Ruritan Rd. 
Store hours are Monday - Saturday 
8:30 a.m. til 5:30 p.m. EST.  
Phone: 865-882-8867


Tickets can now be purchased at Rocky Top General Store, in South Harriman, and at Dustin Smith's Amazing Bakes Cookies and Cakes bakery, and The Jewelry Exchange in downtown Harriman, TN. 

Tickets are generally $15, but if you want to "meet & greet" with the storytellers backstage, the first two rows are going for $25. 
The Princess Foundation presents Bill Landry, Sam Venable, Jim Claborn, with Elizabeth Rose - it's the "TALK IS CHEAP" tour!  The storytellers will each take the stage and tickle your funny bone with stories from the East Tennessee area.
Click on the "Talk Is Cheap" embedded link for more information on the storytellers!  

It's going to be a great, fun for the entire family, show.  Tickets will probably go hurry and get there early tomorrow!
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