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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"LIVE From The Princess" - Good and Bad News

The bad news probably missed it!  That's so unfortunate too!

LIVE From The Princess” attracts singers from around the country. Whether it be country, pop, R&B or gospel, you get a front row seat to tomorrows upcoming stars. This high energy program is hosted by entertainer Angel Nash. Each program includes a personal glimpse of the artists themselves as well as featuring their music. LIVE From the Princess is webcast on and broadcast on BBB Communications Channel 12, Comcast Cable, and can be heard on WKVL Radio 850AM & 105.3FM.

"LIVE From The Princess" may become a recurring show, with new performers being assembled each month.  Each show will be different, and guaranteed to be entertaining.  The next show is August 25th!

The theme  will always be different, but all will perform in from of the new/old jukebox stage prop.  This prop has been in Nashville for over 20 years and has seen lots of today's well known performers.

The host for this, and each month's show, was  Angel Nash.  
Angel is Originally from New York, Angel moved to Nashville 15 years ago. She has performed with  various artists such as Craig Morgan, JoDee Messina, Hal Ketchum, Lori White, T. Graham Brown, Ricky Lynn Gregg and many others. 
Angel has also hosted several syndicated worldwide TV and radio programs. Before moving to Nashville, Angel performed 8 years of theatre with leading roles in productions such as Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, West Side Story, and Wizard of Oz.

The groups assembled on August 14th were great family entertainment.  For the most part, the performances were "faith based" with a country/western theme. 
For example, first up was MICHAEL TETRICK, a singer/songwriter from Indiana.  Mike has sung at numerous fairs, rodeos, and is also very active in youth ministry outreaches.  Michael explained the inspiration for each of his songs, and told the crowd about how he straighten out his life.  He's now a new man with a new purpose!
He certainly showed us he could sing too!  I thoroughly enjoyed each of his personal tunes.

Next up was the husband and wife team of RenĂ© and Edie Jones.  This couple was not afraid to show their affection for each other and walked on and off the stage holding hands.  Their harmonies were linked as well, and feed the audience with personally written songs of faith.
RenĂ© and Edie Jones (the Christian Cowboy) are from  South Carolina moved to Nashville in 1992. They have had several songs to chart in the top ten of the Christian Country and Country Gospel charts. They had a #1 hit  with the Christian Country record called  “Rockin on the Front Porch” in 2009. 
Up next was BILL WRIGHT (in the background above), a Rockwood native singer/songwriter, who has recorded numerous albums, is very active in singing in regional radio programs. He was recently featured on the American Pickers television show.
Bill has been in the music business for many years and has many CDs of his music out there.  He also loves his guitars, as you can see above, and says he doesn't really know how many he owns.
ANN HARTMANN, touched those that came with her songs of faith too!  She is a singer/songwriter who has had 7 songs to reach #1 on Independent Christian Country charts. She received numerous awards and nominations for her singing/songwriting. She currently performs at churches, writer’s nights, and women’s seminars.

But the group that impressed me most was RELENTLESS!

Relentless members (L-R) Nick Hill, Haley Fulmer, Austin Jones, and Anthony Hamby all attend the Courts of Praise Church that meets on Sundays at the Princess. They recently opened for the group the Vespers back in June. Haley, just 17 years-old, leads with vocals and ukele, a was the star of the least for me.  She's so talented and I predict will go far!
Nick, who is the minister for Courts of Praise Church, plays banjo and kick drum, and Austin plays bass, while Anthony plays the guitar.
The young group is well worth listening to, and even visiting the church service on Sundays to hear.

I hated to pick a favorite, because they were all good, but Relentless just blew me away.  They had heads rocking to the beat, and people whispering to their neighbor how good the young group was!

Here is just a sample of their two songs!  Watch an listen to Haley, and you can tell she enjoys being on stage and singing her songs of praise!

Now, aren't you sad you missed it all?!
The good news is...there will be a new show from "LIVE From The Princess" each month.  So, now that you know what you've missed, you can look forward to the kind of quality show you will see.
Behind the scenes, are a lot of talented people making sure the acts are organized and presented properly.  Since these shows are video recorded, you might even get on TV yourself!  

So come support your Princess on August 25th, at 7PM, and be thoroughly entertained for only $5 at the door!


Anonymous said...

Not meaning to be offensive but, wow, it seems like everything that goes on at the Princess Theater is somehow connected to this church Courts of Praise. said...

Well, Talk Is Cheap, Marshal Tucker, Dennis Tufano, and Elvis isn't...'course most of those are Princess Foundation productions!

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