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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ray Harris Explains The Eclipse

Ray Harris (right) spoke to a large audience today (Sunday) about Monday's solar eclipse.  He stressed the issues involved in watching the eclipse with the unprotected eye.  The eclipse can only be safely watched during the 2 plus minutes of the "total eclipse".  Any other times it's important to wear approved safety glasses!  Any camera or magnifying device (binoculars/telescope/telephoto lens), must also be covered with an approved ISO 12312-2 compliant lens cover or film.

Mr. Harris also emphasized that one should concentrate on witnessing the event, and not miss the once in a lifetime spectacle fiddling with cameras or other devices.  "It's something to see!  You will be amazed, particularly the sun's corona during totality!"

Mr. Harris is a veteran of two total solar eclipses and has been observing, photographing, and studying the sky for forty years. He collects antique celestial charts and atlases and lectures on the history of celestial cartography when ever he can find a willing audience.
Mr. Harris' lecture was introduced by Muse Watson, who is hosting a group of viewers at his Roane County farm.
Mr. Harris also became an instant celebrity, as witnessed by the noses pressed against the window!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Princess Theatre Celebrates the Great American  Total Solar Eclipse

You are invited to the Princess Theatre 421 Roane Street Harriman Tn.

Sunday Aug. 20, 2017 at 2 pm.

For a free lecture about the total solar eclipse that will happen Monday, August 21, 2017.

Mr. Ray Harris will be the guest speaker who will help us understand this rare event and how to enjoy it safely and fully.

Ray Harris is a veteran of two total solar eclipses and will explain what a solar eclipse is and what you can expect to see during the eclipse. Topics will include eye safety, types of eclipses, when and where to watch the eclipse, and how to get the most of this unforgettable experience.

Mr. Harris is the former director of the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society and has been observing, photographing and studying the sky for forty years.

A graduate of Yale and a Navy veteran who supervised reactor operations on nuclear subs, Mr. Harris worked in the civilian nuclear industry before making the transition to managing government cyber security contracts. He collects antique celestial charts and atlases and lectures on the history of celestial cartography when ever he can find a willing audience.

Please plan to attend, The Princess Theatre Sun. Aug. 20, 2017,  2 pm.

It is a Free educational event for the community.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Yo, Ho, Me Hearties!  It’s the 2nd Annual Tennessee Pirate Fest!

Open Auditions Saturday 7/29 & 8/5
Vendor Applications due 9/1

Darkhorse Entertainment, LLC, is setting sail for the second annual Tennessee Pirate Fest on Saturday and Sunday, October 7 and 8, of Columbus Day weekend.  This family-friendly event springs to life in Harriman at the Tennessee Medieval Faire site--only 30 miles west of Turkey Creek.  All are invited to escape to the fictional pirate haven of Port Royale in the Tortugas, circa 1700-1800’s. 
Our first pirate fest last year was a regional event.  Patrons came from 11 Southeastern states and from 29 Tennessee Counties, primarily Knox County.  Many came in costume!  We hope people will return, bring friends, and really enjoy the festival,” said Barrie Paulson, VP-Manager.

Patron costume contests will be back by popular demand; and prizes, based on audience applause, will be awarded. 

Added this year will be The Royal Gong Show, where patrons will be invited to demonstrate their talents on stage; and the Trail of Doom, a wooded walking tour with humorous pirate displays.  There will also be continuous pirate entertainment of live music, a variety of comedy shows, interactive street characters, beach games, original crafts, delicious food, and refreshing beverages--including beer.
Open auditions for interactive street characters ages 18+ will be held on Saturdays, July 29 and August 5, from 2-5pm ET, at 125 Barrie Lane, Kingston, TN.  Auditions will include telling pirate jokes or tall tales; singing or playing an instrument; displaying movement, athletic or stage combat ability; and participating in improvisational games. Costumes and theatrical experience are helpful but not required to audition.  Professional acts can audition online with a video link and show details emailed to

Festival organizers are seeking quality craft and food vendors to fill the village.  Vendor applications and guidelines can be downloaded from the website under the vendor tab.  The application deadline is September 1st.  There is no application fee.
The second annual Tennessee Pirate Fest will take place October 7 & 8, 2017 from 11am-6pm ET--rain or shine.  Ticket prices will be $16.00 for ages 13 and up, $8.00 for ages 5 to 12; and entry will be free for ages 4 and under.  Parking is free, and tickets will be available for purchase at the gate with cash or credit.  Onsite camping for patrons is not available, but public campgrounds and motels are nearby.  The festival is located at 550 Fiske Road, Harriman, TN. 

For Faire rules, guidelines, and more information, please visit  For updates, sign up for their website newsletter and follow them on Facebook. 

Get Your Pirate On!

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Coasters Coming September 8th!

The Princess Theatre Foundation Presents Charlie Brown’s COASTERS on Friday Sept. 8, 2017, at, inside the beautifully restored Princess Theatre, downtown Harriman!
When you think of the most consistently successful comedy/novelty act performing from the mid-1950’s through today, the name of THE COASTERS immediately comes to mind.

THE COASTERS have placed almost 20 records on the national charts over the years.  The group enjoyed an unbroken chain of hits, each a million-seller, like ALONG CAME JONES, LITTLE EGYPT, POISON IVY, YAKETY YAK, CHARLIE BROWN, SEARCHIN’ and others.

Over the years they have toured with such giants as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard, the Shirelles, the Drifters and many others.

Charlie Brown’s COASTERS are probably one of the few show groups in the business who really need no promotion.  And while the original members are no longer performing, Charlie has been a Coaster for over 45 years and is loved by audiences world-wide.

Charlie Brown’s Coasters continue to bring great music to audiences all over the world.  Their show is packed with your favorite good-time memory making hits from those happy times of yesterday!

Tickets will be sold at the door, at a price to be announced closer to September 8th!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Open Auditions For 2nd annual TN Pirate Fest Begin

1st Open Auditions for 2nd annual TN Pirate Fest! Festival will be held on Oct 7 & 8, 2017 from 11a-6p at the Medieval Faire site at 550 Fiske Rd, Harriman, TN.

Seeking 30 funny, friendly, talented adults (ages 18+) to perform in Royal Players Ensemble as interactive English and Pirate Characters. (Minors can audition with a participating adults and might be cast as interns.)

For auditions, be prepared with a short monologue, story or joke in character; a short song (any style), and any other talents you wish considered. Be prepared to fill out an audition form, participate in improv games, work with others, and take direction. Please bring a recent picture of yourself.

For auditions, be prepared with a short monologue, story or joke in character; a short song (any style), and any other talents you wish considered. Be prepared to fill out an audition form, participate in improv games, work with others, and take direction.

Please bring a recent picture of yourself requested day rate. Email this to Barrie Paulson, Thanks!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 4 - Lighting Design Workshop - Jon Chemay

Jon (Jonathan) Chemay, a Theatre Technician, in the Humanities Department, at Roane State Community College, taught today's class on "Lighting Design".  Jon is a regular fixture at the most all RSCC O'Brien and Princess theater productions.  He is the artful hand behind the lighting that we all take for granted, but as the students learned today, without lighting there would be no show!

Jon explained how lighting coveys mood, feeling, true color, time of day or season, and gives direction to the viewers eye.  Lighting can scare you, or make you happy, sad, and all the other emotions actors try to express on stage.  

The students in the fourth day of camp expressed their interest by asking questions at Jon spoke.  There were also so "ooohs", and "ahhhs", as Jon changed the lighting effects on the stage of the Princess.
Evidence of their hard work yesterday was neatly stacked against the wall, waiting for their need on stage of Saturday's play.  You have to be there folks; it's going to be good...and funny!

The class is a happy bunch, who really seemed to get along, and encourage each other.  There was even some dancing and singing in the dressing rooms during lunch, and some even enjoyed some props (wigs).  I really liked being around them and wish the very best Saturday, I mean "break a leg"!

Please check out the play at 2PM or 3:30PM Saturday...rain or shine, and it's FREE!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Day 3 Of The Princess Theatre Camp - Set Design

Alex (Alexandra) Riggs, was on hand to instruct the students in Set Design today.  Turns out I've seen Alex before; on a sword fight at the Tennessee Medieval Faire!  It seems Alex isn't afraid to try her hand at anything.  She loves any form of acting, building sets, designing costumes, and even a little modeling.

She is currently studying at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), studying Technical Theatre Direction.  She also graduated from Pellissippi State Community College.  Her interest in all aspects of theatre production got her into carpentry. 

The 2017 class of the Princess Theatre Camp, was intrigued by her knowledge of tools, and gladly jumped in with both hands!  I seemed that it wasn't the first time some of these high school students had used power tools. tape measures, and been round paint!  Those that had little to no experience were not afraid to try, and did well.  There isn't a lazy person in the group!

Once the wooden frames were assembled, light canvas was stretched over them, stapled, and then splattered with paint.  That was when I got a little nervous; paint on the Princess stage!  However, Clarissa was quick to have them spread out plastic sheeting before starting.  Whew! 

I'm sure that more than one of them went home with some evidence of the day's instruction on their clothes, but no one seemed to mind.
Meanwhile, outside a heavy rain poured, but no one knew or even cared.  They were learning something great, and they were together!

Thus far, it appears the students are getting a well rounded introduction to theatre arts.  I sure wish I had such things offered when I was young!

Tomorrow is "Lighting Design", with my good friend Jon Chemay.  That will be of real interest to me; as a photographer.  See you then.
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