PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: March 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019

6th Annual Multi-County Talent And Art Show A usual!

The 6th Annual Multi-County Talent And Art Show was a great hit with parents and students alike.  
The auditorium was filled with excited parents, grandparents, and anxious children.  They could hardly wait for the showcase of talent to begin.
The 2019 Princess Idol was Noah Schantz from Central High School in Wartburg, TN.  Noah's vocal and piano solo won the night's coveted first place award.  

He was entered in the Vocal/Instrumental (9-12) group, and the announcement seem to at once shock and please the young man.  It was a deserving win!
The outgoing 2018 Princess Idol, Canon Allen (L), presented Noah (R) the large first place trophy.     

If it were not for this annual event, the hidden talents of the children of Roane, Morgan, and Anderson County would go unnoticed, and possibly lost forever.  Your support of this annual event, presented by the Princess Theatre Foundation, and numerous local sponsors, provides an outlet for young talent and encourages them to push forward to make their dreams come true.  Art is a very important factor in a child's education and self-esteem!

By the way, not only is music involved in this contest, there is also some poetry, sidewalk art, and wonderful visionary art from kids from kindergarten through the twelfth grades.  Above is just a small example.

As usual, the host for the evening was John Condrone.  The untiring efforts of Vera Scarbrough, Paige Byrd, Madeline Kittrell make this annual event possible.  

Also, I have to mention Jimbo Duncan, who, if he can walk and breathe, will always be on hand to set up the stage, and help in anyway possible.  Thanks to all!

Last, but not least, let me thank Julie and Justin Crowe for their difficult task of judging this event.

Now for the "rest of the story" in my favorite photos from the talent show.

Hope to see you all next March!
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