PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: May 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Opening Weekend For The Tennessee Medieval Faire Is A Hit!

I did not go to the Tennessee Medieval Faire until Sunday, but for a Mother's Day there was a large attendance.  I don't know how it compared to Saturday, but I'm sure the opening day was much larger.  I've attached a large number of photos at the end of this post to give you a sense of what you will see and experience at the faire.  After all, you still have an opportunity to experience the fun next weekend, and the largest weekend, Memorial Day, is yet to come!
There is plenty of parking, plenty of restrooms, and plenty of open space to walk freely around the huge faire site.  You'll probably be in the company of one or more of the many costumed players...try to blend in by featuring your own character - if you wish! 

Enjoy your favorite beverage while sitting in the shade of a tree, while watching an exciting jousting or human chess match; that always ends in a sword fight!  There is always music, action, and laughter in the air from the live stage shows going on around the faire grounds.  There is also plenty of good food to fit most every taste.
Browse the tent shops and pick out beautifully crafted period art, crafts, and clothing.  Let the children play the many games located around the grounds.  There is so much to see!
My personal favorite things happen at the Field of Honor: jousting, human chess game, and horse rides!  It's not far from the "beer" tent, and the shade of many trees.  Just sit back and prepare to enjoy yourself, and just maybe, you'll "GO MEDIEVAL"! 
That's right, feel free to come dressed in your alter-ego medieval costume!  Are you a knight, a jester, a wench, or maybe a king or queen, or a member of their attending court.  Come join the fun!

Remember it's next weekend, May 20-21, and Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-28-29!  Faire opens at 10AM!

Here's a sample of what you will experience!
The Field of Honor features the Hanlon-Lees Action Theater brings the spectacle of a live period Joust, ablaze with speed and color.  Costumed steeds, authentic weaponry, and noble knights in shining armor highlight the action and romance of the period.

KENT SHELTON Founder/Writer/Director/Choreographer/Actor

TASO STAVRAKIS Founder/Actor/Director/Choreographer/Writer

KENT SHELTON Founder/Writer/Director/Choreographer/Actor

King Arthur Pendragon - Chad Wood, and Queen Guinevere - Amanda Cole
Queen Guinevere - Amanda Cole

Merlin - J. Weston Taylor

Debi Weathers

King Arthur Pendragon - Chad Wood (right) and Comte' Pepe le Pew Pew - John Simmins (left)

King Arthur Pendragon - Chad Wood, and Queen Guinevere - Amanda Cole

Gwendolyn Steele and Master Cosmos - Charles Murray

King Arthur Pendragon - Chad Wood, and Queen Guinevere - Amanda Cole

Going for the "golden ring"!
There was so much more, but I stop here so as not to ruin it for you!  Go see for'll be glad you did!

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