PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Don't Miss "Hypnotized" Performed By Midway High School

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Don't Miss "Hypnotized" Performed By Midway High School

"Hypnotized" written by Murray Austin, Directed by Courtney Minton, and performed by the Midway High School theatre class will be presented Friday (tomorrow) night at the Princess Theatre in Harriman, TN.

I was privileged to watch a full-dress rehearsal Thursday evening, and let my tell you, they have a HIT!  It was well rehearsed, played, and directed. 

The troop moved between scenes without skipping a beat and I, the audience, loved it!  The group was much more seasoned than a first year "drama club"!  As a matter of fact, this is Midway's first theatre class in...forever!

I sure hope this theatre fever rubs off on the other schools in Roane County!  We need art in our schools!

Please, come out and support this production.  It's well worth $5, and I promise you will be entertained!  The show starts at 7PM, but come early, get your popcorn and settle in!

The plot centers around three students who can't dream, and they resort to being hypnotized to try and fix their problem.  However, the cure may be worst than the disease!

You'll also see, not one, but two weddings, a galley of pirates, and a classroom full of hilarious fun!  Don't be frightened to be part of their dreams, 'cause you'll be HYPNOTIZED!

That's all I'm going to tell you about the play, but I will let you in on the scenes from the 2 act play with 6 scene changes.  Here are the players in the order they appear...

Courtney Moore (Kesha), Robert Schommer (Roger), and Larissa Lackey (Brandi)
Cheyenne Cowell (doctor walks behind)

Alex Westby (Found) and Elishia Pena (Lost)

Autumn Scott (Clarise)

Karissa Pilkey (Ms. Brown)

Nick Bettis (Pirate/Other Bride)

Madeleine Moore (Photographer)

Robert Schommer and Carlie Sherlin (Bride)

Robert Schommer and Nick Bettis (Other Bride) with Mary Kate Higgins (Salesperson)


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