Friday, September 23, 2011


Torry Martin, Sandy Brownlee, and Denny Brownlee visited the Princess last week.  The three, along with Marshal Younger, who will take a tour later, are looking for a “Princess” to star in their next movie called “The Christmas Star”, which centers around a small-town theater, coincidently named “The Princess”.  The group heard about our Princess through Muse Watson, who never misses a chance to spread the Princess gospel wherever he goes.
Gary Baker, Torry Martin, Sandy and Denny Brownlee visit the Princess
Torry Martin is an award-winning screenwriter, humor columnist, actor, comedian, speaker, author, storyteller and teacher.  He has written several episodes of the audio series “Adventures in Odyssey” where he created the popular character of Wooton Bassett. Martin is also a two-time Christian Artists Gospel Music Association Grand Prize Winner for his acting and writing abilities. To learn more about him, visit his website at  And just for fun, to see Torry in a recent Wonderful Pistachio commercial CLICK HERE!
Our guests seem pleased with recent progress.
Sandy Brownlee is a writer, actress, and a transmedia  advisor.  Sandy has written for radio, stage, television and film.  She helped develop and was the primary writer for the original children's character “Discovery Jones” on the Inspirational Network, as well as for INSPs “Cheyenne Country.”  She's created seven full length radio dramas; eight full-length stage productions; and eight original sketch comedy dinner theaters.

Denny Brownlee is an actor, writer, voice-over talent, and songwriter.  He was the original children's character, Discovery Jones, on the Inspirational Network, and spent 12 years as the Morning Show co-host for the Family Life Network, writing more than 1000 comedy bits.  But Denny is best known for his classic parody, “Blue Christmas,” sung like Porky Pig.  He's written for INSP, Jefferson Productions, Bruce Wilkinson, and numerous national and regional conferences.
Matt Waters explains the importance of Channel 15 to the Princess Complex
Sandy Brownlee will be co-writing this current screenplay with Torry, along with his regular co-writer Marshal Younger.

Marshal Younger has written over 100 episodes of the popular audio drama “Adventures in Odyssey”, a show he also directed and produced. He is the writer of several screenplays, including “A Greater Yes”, from PureFlix Entertainment. He is also the author of many stage plays and sketches, as well as the children's book series, Kidsboro. He currently lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee, with his wife and four children.

Here is just a juicy taste of the “The Christmas Star” story treatment:

Harriman, Tennessee had everything a small Southern town should have:  a good diner...  friendly neighbors... and big news the whole town could gossip about.  At the center of the buzz was The Princess Theater... a gilded Lady whose velvet curtains hid a silver screen - and a world of dreams.  For decades, The Princess was the heart of Harriman's social life, but somewhere along the way the world passed The Princess by. Finally, her bright lights dimmed, and she closed her doors for good. That is, until the day Grady Garrett came back home."

Sounds tantalizing, doesn't it!

So, Princess lovers, if our Princess wins the leading role, out of the hundreds of Princess Theaters auditioning across the country, it will be something really great for her and us!  Who knows, even our Muse may be asked to star in the lead role!
Megan Anderson explains the role of the Princess in Harriman's future
Muse and Torry have actually discussed that possibility, but it will depend on Muse's schedule.  He is currently rehearsing for the stage production of “A Christmas Snow” in Branson, MO, which will run through the months of October and November this year.  I've already bought my tickets, and you might like to kick off your Holiday Season by taking your family to see the heartwarming seasonal play.

I hope you don't mind, but I extended your help to Torry Martin and company.  I told him that Harriman would be behind such an undertaking in our area.  I offered your help in opening up homes and businesses if needed as backgrounds/sets for his movie.  I told him people here have vintage autos, loads of media experience, and, more than anything else, warm hearts and a “can do” attitude.
We love our Princess and we offer her to the success of this project!  Call on us anytime!

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