PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: First Annual Multi-County Talent Show Is A Grand Hit!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Annual Multi-County Talent Show Is A Grand Hit!

The 2014 Multi-County Talent Show fills the Princess stage with once hidden talent, and sets the stage for a grander event next year!  

Roane County and Oakdale schools sent students with a wide variety of talents to the theater Friday evening.  The stage floor was filled with supporters and judges, and very proud parents and grandparents, who were all surprised and entertained by our area students.  It was a great show folks, and you should have been there!

Organizer Vera Scarbrough, who was fresh out of the hospital, predicts that next year's talent show will stretch into a two-night event.  Some of the area schools had not heard about the Princess Foundation's talent night, and held their own shows.  Upon hearing about Friday's affair, they all want to be a part of next year's event.  Maybe next year the schools can hold their own talent shows, and then send the best on to the Princess to compete with other artists!  What an idea!
Muse Watson and Gary Baker stepped in to help when Vera suddenly became ill.  Together they brought in the school's best talents, and everyone seemed to be thoroughly impressed with what they saw performed on the Princess Theatre stage.  

In all, there were 24 acts, plus John Condrone, of Oakdale, came to emcee and play some of his hit tunes for the audience.
Singer/song writer John Condrone is from Oakdale.
This kind of event is just what "The Dream" foresaw; talented children with a stage on which to display their individual talents.  A place to grow in the love of the arts!

It's such a shame that most of the county shows do not have a drama club.  It is the Foundation's hope that schools will put the arts back into the school budget, and let the children find themselves in the arts.  Then they all can come to the Princess, and then who knows where they will go!

Friday night's talent show started outside with "street art".  Here are a few examples of that display of talent.  Next year I hope all the sidewalks are filled with art!  It doesn't matter your age...just draw something!
Maurice "Gramps" Lowery is Harriman's resident "street artist".  He is shown with his "Dragon" entry.  Maurice also encouraged and helped other young artist awaken their inner talents!

Muse signed autographs, and enjoyed some popcorn outside, while the acts did sound checks and the stage was prepared inside.

Here Muse is actually cleaning up with one hand, while the other holds his popcorn.  Carol Farmer prepares to collect the admission...ONLY $5.
The show began with Mayor Chris Mason (with sidekick Kendal) introducing Muse Watson who introduced the show's coordinator, Vera Scarbrough, and they were off.  

Here are the acts (names withheld due to their ages), in order of appearance...

And, the overall winner was Emery Francis!  She performed "House Of The Rising Sun".
Even during the show, Muse sat backstage and encourage the young performers to put aside their stage fright and to do their best!
When the last contestant had performed, John Condrone entertained the audience as the judges conferred.  Then it was time to present the awards for each category or division.  The stage was full of expectant performers who cheered and applauded for each winner, as Muse announced them.
After the show, Muse was there again, offering congratulations to the performers, and encouraging them to come back next year.
Muse gave Vera a bouquet of flowers for all her hard work.  She was surprised by the gesture, and told the audience not to go away thinking it had been the "Vera Scarbrough Show"!

Truth be told, there would have been no show without, it kind of was the Vera Show!  Thank you Ms. Vera, for again leading us to the arts!


Anonymous said...

These photos are wonderful! I tried to go back and recall the performance of each one. The talent was super impressive and the audience support was awesome. Can't wait for next year!

Anonymous said...

My daughter was in the show but had ton leave sick. Her group came in third but she didn't get a ribbon. How do I get that for her?

Paul Mashburn said...

Call Vera.

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