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There's nothing bad I can think of to say about Saturday night's Marshall Tucker concert at the Princess Theatre in Harriman, TN; except that there wasn't enough seats for everyone that wanted to attend.  However, the band was impressed with our Princess, the welcome we gave them, and the service provided them back stage.  

A group that included my son Corey, Johnny Stout, Jimbo Duncan, Chris Ahler, Mayor Mason, Gary Baker, others, worked until 1AM unloading and loading the equipment that arrived on two trucks!  It was a lot of hard work, but a dream come true for some who have always wanted to be on the road with a "rock'n roll" band!

I visited the auditorium frequently and found everyone rocking to both Bill Shannon's Group and Marshall Tucker.  Some said they liked Bill just as well, so the mix of entertainers must have been good!

Speaking of mix, I never dreamed there would 4 sound boards at a Princess concert!  That's right...and except of one or two squeaks, the sound, and the lighting was great!

Doug Gray, lead singer, turned out to be a real gentleman, and very personable, as was the entire group.  He loved talking to the Princess audience and the feedback he got from them.  The group played all their old hits and a few new things they have published recently.  The Princess audience impressed the band by singing the lyrics to all their old favorites!  We know how to have a good time!

Back stage the group greeted special ticket holders and posed for photos and autographs.  There were Marshall Tucker and Marshall Tucker/Princess t-shirts on sale in the lobby, and people also bought Marshall Tucker and Bill Shannon CDs.

The band marveled at the acoustics in the Princess and complemented the audience for having such a lovely facility.  The impression I got was that Marshall Tucker will come back again one day, and that they would spread the word.  They liked what that saw and felt at the Princess!

Doug Gray (lead singer) and B. B. Borden (drummer) both said that there seems to be a revival of small town theaters across the country, giving performers, like them, a lot more choices in scheduling their tour dates.  They even said the Princess Theatre was "just the right size"!  We need to spread the word that the Princess is primed, pumped, and ready to make such groups, and other performers welcome.

Okay, enough talking again on my part, so on with the photos from last night.  They run pretty much in order, from the beginning until the end!
Megan Anderson, Princess Manager, watches as the lighting goes up!

The equipment for the concert arrives!

Hours before the band arrives, the band's equipment people arrive to assemble instruments.

Bill Shannon takes the sage at the Princess!  Standing room only crowd anticipates a great evening!

Marshall Tucker Band arrives in Harriman Saturday night!

As Ken Mynatt, Johnny Stout, and Nathan Hammons look on, Chris Hicks, of Marshall Tucker arrives in "Rock'n Roll" style!  We knew it was "game on"!

Rick Willis leaves the bus and heads for the Princess for the first time!

Rick Willis and Pat Elwood look over the Princess for the first time!

Bill Shannon's Group received high praise Saturday after warming up the audience for Marshall Tucker.

B. B. Borden (BB) takes a few practice licks on his thighs prior to taking the stage!

Rick Willis loved what he saw at the Princess!

No one enjoyed themselves any more than Chris Hicks!

"That's right!  I'm at the Princess in Harriman!"

"Southern Boy" Chris Hicks came to play!

Doug Gray still having a good time even after 39 years!

All good things must end, and so did the Marshall Tucker concert Saturday!  Marcus Henderson gets an "atta boy" punch on the arm Saturday after the show!

Doug Gray thanks Mayor Mason for his hospitality and praises the Princess Theatre!
 The Marshall Tucker band is:
Doug Gray – Lead Vocals
Pat Elwood– Bass
Rick Willis– Guitar, Vocals
B.B. Borden – Drums
Marcus Henderson – Keyboards, Saxophone, Flute, Vocals
Chris Hicks - Guitar, Vocals
Muse Watson and Gary Baker celebrated their dream come true after the end of a week that included the Grand Opening and the Marshall Tucker Band concert!  Thanks guys!

Doug Gray, of Marshall Tucker, congratulated Gary Baker and Muse Watson Saturday after the concert.

This my friends, and fellow Princess lovers, is just the first of many great "nights on the town" in Downtown Harriman, Tennessee!

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Awesome. Wish I could have been there.

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