Friday, March 23, 2012


That's right, they were dancing in the street and in the isles last night at the Princess Theatre's Grand Opening!

For those of us that worked the event, it was a labor of love.  Those of us behind the scenes were tiring, driven only by the adrenaline of the Grand Opening; a culmination of years of hard work.  However, when we looked outside and peaked out at the auditorium, we saw the proud, smiling faces of Princess supporters, and it spurred everyone on.

The crowd loved Tommy Harding singing on Roane Street, as the crowd converged on the Princess ticket booth.  Each one was greeted by the happy face of Jean Penley, who had waited years to sit there and hand out "call for" tickets.  At the doors, more smiling faces of the many wonderful people who staffed the entrances, ushered folks to their seats, or just answered questions.

Many more people working security, as stage hands, techs, and the artists were all so proud to be at the Princess Theatre!  It was a long dream come true, and Gary Baker and Muse Watson could hardly hold the joy they felt inside.

I think the pride and purpose rubbed off on Megan Anderson too.  She will be charged with carrying on the torch and ensuring that "the dream" continues to touch the people and children of this area.

Backstage, countless artist, who had practiced only one day for the event, waited their turn to take their historical turn on the new Princess stage.  They were just the first of countless ones to follow.  This was just one day, the beginning, of something wonderful to happen to our area!

Oh yes, there was someone else there last night!  One of the biggest fans the Princess ever had...Sandra Stout!

I must also point out, that while all the performers were great, the crowd poured into the aisles as the Grand Prees played an encore!  They must come back soon...very soon!

I'll shut up now and just let the photos speak what was in the air Thursday night.  Welcome back my Princess...we have long awaited your return! 


'Nuff said!  We've set the bar high, now, let's get on with the show/s!


carol said...

Mushy, you are so awesome. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and information as the project progressed. Great night in Harriman last night. Looking forward to many more.

Mushy said...

If you wonder why tickets sold out so quickly, just consider that there are 780 Princess FB members, 26,500 hits thus far on the blog, and 445 reads just today! On top of that, I post on RoaneViews, and have over 200 on a mailing list. Now, Roane State has its own website!

So, when we announce something you'd better move! Lots of people are hungry for entertainment!

Mushy said...

Thank you Carol!

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