Saturday, March 17, 2012


Some of us have seen the new Princess marquee, all lit up at night, but until last night none of us had seen the Princess marquee in full lights!

I arrived before dark and photographed the lighted canopy from several angles, all the while anticipating what everything would look like after dark.

Granted, I need to use a little more light, which I will do, but, all in all, I think the night time shots turned out fairly well.

You should have seen the passersby hit their brakes and slow to a crawl!  Some even honked in approval!

One family, Turpin I believe, whose family head is on his way to Afghanistan next week, where he will serve as a Chaplin, stopped and posed his family under the canopy.  He told his children that this was where he first saw "ET" and "Star Wars"; of course they had no idea what that meant!

Anyway, he was truly proud that he just happened through town when the Princess lights were on.  He, being in the military, has been away from Harriman for a long time.  He was unaware of all the time and effort that had brought him that special moment...a good memory of his past.

The Princess is just about ready for us to enjoy.  She will be cleaned professionally from top to bottom next week, and be in top shape for viewing.

There are a couple of things I want to enlighten you on, just so you will be able to consider those things prior to your visit, and get on with enjoying what will be presented, both nights, and in the future.

In the near future, the light sconces on each side of the auditorium will be added.  They will not be there and lit Thursday or Saturday nights, but rest assured, they will be there in the future.

In the near future, lighting down the aisles, will guide our path down the carpet to our seat.

In the future, the concessions stand will be open.  For the next few events, drinks and snacks will be provided only from vending machines (bring change).  That too will come soon.  For those of you that want the Princess to be like it used to be, just remember that the Princess has a new purpose in life, she is not a commercial "movie house" anymore, although there will be special movies shown there in the future, but selling popcorn and peanuts will not be a priority.  However, like I said, a concessions operation will come in time.

I say these few things so you won't be disappointed Thursday or Saturday, and can get on with enjoying the shows, knowing that all those amenities will come in time. 

Outside of that, the Princess is ready to be enjoyed and appreciated!

So, let's get on with the show!  As the lights indicate, the future is bright for both the Princess, Harriman, and the surrounding area.


Anonymous said...

What time will it open
all our family friends rember remember good times

Anonymous said...

Were can I get tickets I went two places sold out
do you have any my parents daughter brothers first date was there a place need to see again

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