PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: The Princess Holiday Season Schedule

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Princess Holiday Season Schedule


James Rogers is having his Christmas show on December 11th!  I just found this poster on the Princess Theatre website:

This means we have even more Christmas Season fun lined up!

The first movie at the Princess, since the renovation, will be shown on the evening of December 12th!  "It's A Wonderful Life" will be shown for the admission cost of a single can (or bring a truckload if you like) of food.  You have been waiting to again see a movie at the Princess, and this will be your first opportunity; plus you can help the area hungry.  Please come out and start your Christmas Season off right.
The Babahatchie Band will perform, free of charge, on the evening of December 13th at 7PM.  This is a wonderful way to get into the Holiday Spirit!  These local musicians have been performing in this band for over 20 years, and they sound great in the wonderful acoustics of the Princess!

Coming soon, information about Dr. Eric Littleton's concert on the 19th
Then on December 20th, the Princess will show it's second movie on its new "silver screen".  "A Christmas Snow" staring our own Muse Watson!  Muse will also be here to celebrate with us that evening.  The admission is just $5.

Hope to see you there every night!


Lisa Sm said...

Paul, what time does "It's A Wonderful Life" start? Just wondering what time we'd have to line up to get a seat. Thanks!

Barbara Freels said...

What time should we start lining up to see the show?

Paul Mashburn said...


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