Monday, November 10, 2014


Actually, they no longer contain silver in the texture of the screen, but the name from the 1920s stuck.  That type of screen was known as a "silver lenticular screen".

So, our "silver screen", actually a "matte white screen", has arrived and the installers from M & L Sound began work on hoisting it into position today.  Sadly, the lift they rented had a bad pulley and they were unable to get it from this position to above the curtain.  They will return tomorrow and hopefully the work can resume.
The screen is from DA-LITE and is called the "Tensioned Professional Electrol®", and comes with a 220V motor that raises and lowers the screen.  I'm not sure what surface was ordered; it comes in 7 surfaces.
The screen will be capable of being deployed when needed and rolled up and stored when not in use.  This leaves the stage free for concerts, plays, dances, etc.

Having a screen does not mean the Princess will become a "movie house" once again.  The Princess could never compete with big movie houses, or afford the cost of renting movies full time.  That's why it closed, and why it will never again be such.

The Princess has evolved into a theater (the building) where theatre (the art or company) will be performed; more often in our local case, where various "live performances" (music, talent shows, and some theatre from RSCC) will be performed.  Movies will only be shown on special occasion, i.e., holidays, special events, premieres of movies created by local talent, etc.

"Movie houses" are in even more danger these days with the announcement in 2011 by studios that they will stop producing product (films) in 35mm.  The word is "convert or die" and a large venue digital movie projector can cost $65,000 or more.  So, many will choose to die (close).   The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) estimates that 20% of America's theaters will close.

I'll try to post photos of the actual screen hanging tomorrow.

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Carol said...

Woohoo. So glad. It's getting there!!

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