PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Jason Eskridge Last Night At The Princess Theater In Harriman

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Jason Eskridge Last Night At The Princess Theater In Harriman

Rockwood's own Jason Eskridge* played to a good crowd, including his mom, grandmother, aunt, and nephew, last night at the Princess. No one there enjoyed it more than his grandmother!
You can tell Jason loves lots of things; his God, his family, and his music.  He even wrote a love song that's really about music, not a woman, though if didn't know the story, you would never know the difference.
Lots of life's problems have kept me from the last two times he appeared on the Princess stage, but I was there last night.  Let me tell you...I was very impressed!  Jason sings beautifully, soulfully, and with lots of heart!

You will definitely have to catch his next show, and there will be a "next show"!  He told the audience he will keep bringing good music to the theater until they tell him to stop.  No one will ever do that!
He backed by band members Demarco Johnson (keys), Elijah Holt (drums), Richard Gallaher (guitar), and Mike Majett (bass).  The band is tight and plays with enthusiasm!
Featured first was Damien Horne from Nashville.  He really had a captivating style and the audience was very welcoming. Horne was raised in the projects in Hickory, North Carolina, one of 12 kids, but ended up on top, playing with country bands in Nashville.  He writes, and is a motivation speaker when not on stage.

Here are more photos from last night's performance:

"Jason Eskridge was born and grew up in Rockwood, TN. After high school he attended college at Tennessee Tech University where he played football and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. After college he accepted an engineering job in Huntsville, AL where he worked for approximately a year and a half. During that time Jason could never shake his passion to make music. So he packed up, left Huntsville, and moved to Nashville, TN where he currently resides with his family.
Jason’s desire as a musician is to create music that causes the listener to love God, love themselves, love their fellow man, think harder, think deeper, think broader, laugh until they cry, laugh when they want to cry, try something new, remember something old, and ultimately live life to the fullest."*

*Borrowed from: Sonicbids

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