PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Day 4 - Lighting Design Workshop - Jon Chemay

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 4 - Lighting Design Workshop - Jon Chemay

Jon (Jonathan) Chemay, a Theatre Technician, in the Humanities Department, at Roane State Community College, taught today's class on "Lighting Design".  Jon is a regular fixture at the most all RSCC O'Brien and Princess theater productions.  He is the artful hand behind the lighting that we all take for granted, but as the students learned today, without lighting there would be no show!

Jon explained how lighting coveys mood, feeling, true color, time of day or season, and gives direction to the viewers eye.  Lighting can scare you, or make you happy, sad, and all the other emotions actors try to express on stage.  

The students in the fourth day of camp expressed their interest by asking questions at Jon spoke.  There were also so "ooohs", and "ahhhs", as Jon changed the lighting effects on the stage of the Princess.
Evidence of their hard work yesterday was neatly stacked against the wall, waiting for their need on stage of Saturday's play.  You have to be there folks; it's going to be good...and funny!

The class is a happy bunch, who really seemed to get along, and encourage each other.  There was even some dancing and singing in the dressing rooms during lunch, and some even enjoyed some props (wigs).  I really liked being around them and wish the very best Saturday, I mean "break a leg"!

Please check out the play at 2PM or 3:30PM Saturday...rain or shine, and it's FREE!

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