PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: "My Seventh-Grade Life In Tights" - A Hit At The Princess!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

"My Seventh-Grade Life In Tights" - A Hit At The Princess!

On Saturday, April 15th, Brooks Benjamin produced a "celebration of the arts" at the Princess Theatre, as a kickoff to the release of his new book "My Seventh-Grade Life In Tights".
The even was greatly received, and attendees seemed to enjoy the dancers from the "Arts In Motion" studio, special music by various artists, a martial arts demonstration by the students from "Family Defense Solutions, and a special showing of the animated movie "Sing"!

Mr. Benjamin is a well loved teacher at Midtown Elementary, in Roane County, Tennessee, where he's taught for over 13 years, and seemed to enjoy his "release day" at the Princess.  Brooks has a couple of  movie productions to his name, has taught movie and television production classes at Roane State.

Brooks Benjamin was born in east Tennessee and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.  While in college, Brooks was an actor in the independent movie, "The Oak of Weeping", where he played the part of Robert "Moose" Wade.

Since college, Brooks has written and directed several commercials and short films, including his award-winning short comedy, "Minor Mutants". He also wrote, produced, and directed his award winning feature thriller, "Point of Fear".

Brooks and his wife, Jackie Barnes, are the owners of Lycan Entertainment, their production company.

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