PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Tennessee Medieval Faire Has a Damp First Day - Sunday Promises "Fairer" Weather!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tennessee Medieval Faire Has a Damp First Day - Sunday Promises "Fairer" Weather!

Yes, it was a touch damp Saturday, and I spent an hour under a huge cedar tree; snapping away at the jousting knights.  However, it was rewarding and held so much promise for the Sunday show, 2nd day of the Grand Opening, and the future of the faire site in general.

I'm sure Barrie and Lars Paulson were pleased to see so many interested enough to come out and brave the warm spring showers.  Actually, they felt quite good, and those indulging in their favorite libation, under trees and tents, probably didn't even notice.

There was music everywhere, dancing, the inviting smells of food cooking, and the "King and Queen" seemed to be everywhere.

All the friendly actors/characters, and incidentally, the actors are all characters, keeping humor in all the acts, with jokes directed at all age groups.  

The grounds did get a needed watering, and I noticed that there was straw and grass seed scattered about, so, the future will get greener, and more manicured.  

Tomorrow's show promises the "final course" rounds of the jousting match, and the singers, players, puppeteers, dancers, and jesters will all be back to entertain your whole family.

Here are a few (probably too many, but I wanted to give you a sense of the place) of the photos I made.  Yes, in some you can see tiny raindrops, but they failed to dampen anyone's spirit of the "faire"!

See, even the horses had fun!  
Come on out Sunday!

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