PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Janelle Arthur Concert Was Beautiful In More Ways Than One!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Janelle Arthur Concert Was Beautiful In More Ways Than One!

The Princess stage would have lit up had Janelle Arthur not sang a word Friday night!
She's absolutely beautiful and her bright smile and golden hair were all aglow as she took the stage.  The applause began immediately, even before she began "God Made Girls", strumming her guitar, the one made by her Uncle Robbie Underwood, capoed in the key of D.
She was joined on stage by her uncle, Robbie Underwood, who has been in Janelle's corner since birth, but especially from the time she first showed her musical interest and talent.  He was there supporting her through her turn on the twelfth season of American Idol, and subsequent fifth place finish.  He was the "go-to guy" on all the local media stations for interviews.  Robbie, an active member of the Oliver Springs community, is also a talented musician and guitar maker, and last night he continued his family role beside his famous niece on the Princess stage.
Joining Janelle and Robbie on stage was multi-talented Daniel Pentecost.  Daniel lives in the Nashville area and plays multiple instruments, and does composing and arranging.  He told me he just got the call to play two days before, but he never missed a lick on the fiddle, banjo, or dandelion!
Janelle began singing and didn't stop until she ended with her eleventh song "Front Porch Swing", which she dedicated to her grandmother sitting in the audience!  Within the song she reminisces with "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot", a 1909 historic American Spiritual song, and a song her grandmother used to sing with her while sitting on the front porch.
It wasn't over after the singing either; she was right out in the lobby singing autographs for a large crowd of her fans.  The line stretched from the concessions back through the lobby, and she was there until the last fan was satisfied!
The group certainly seemed impressed with our Princess, commenting on the wonderful acoustics and beautiful renovation, so it is our hope that Janelle will come back soon and maybe consider the Princess her home too!  We would welcome her anytime!

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