PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: 2nd Annual Sidewalk Art Show Precedes Friday Night Talent Show

Thursday, March 26, 2015

2nd Annual Sidewalk Art Show Precedes Friday Night Talent Show

Thursday evening, all along the sidewalk in front of the Princess Theatre, area children gathered to assist Maurice "Gramps" Lowery in showcasing "sidewalk art".  Maurice, Harriman's resident "street artist", has been practicing his art for nearly 50 years, and has grand hopes of building an interest in this art among the children of Roane and Morgan Counties.  He once helped other artist "paint" an entire street in Oak Ridge, and he thinks he can encourage the area youth to draw on all the sidewalk space in Harriman one day!

It's been a tradition to hold this sidewalk show the evening before the the "big stage" show at the Princess.  (CLICK HERE to see last year's event.)  Next year, it is hoped that you will come out, with your children, both evenings when the area youth showcase their hidden talents.

Tickets for the 2nd Annual Multi-County Talent Show are just $5 at the door, and the money goes to the Princess Theatre Foundation to help buy items still needed for the Princess, and to assist in the continuing upkeep of the facility.  Please come out at 6PM tomorrow and be prepared to be amazed at the talent of our youth!

It rained this evening, so I'm hoping the sidewalk art will still be there to be enjoyed.

Also, Muse Watson will be speaking to the youth; giving them encouragement to continue developing their talents and following their dreams.

This is just the kind of event that the planners of the newly renovated Princess dreamed about.  It's all about the youth!  Come support them!

Here are more photos of the great "street art", and the wonderful children that created it:

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