PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: A Packed House Enjoys The Dr. Eric Littleton Christmas Concert

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Packed House Enjoys The Dr. Eric Littleton Christmas Concert

This was the third concert Dr. Eric Littleton has played at the Princess Theatre in Harriman.  It has become a tradition, and he has already made plans to return next Christmas.  
Also, I think I overheard that he's coming back in March; I'm sure the community will again respond by filling the house!

Never are we so thankful to Janet Gasperetii for donating the beautiful Yamaha piano, than when Dr. Littleton expertly tickles the keys!  Thank you Janet!

Harriman's own Dr. Littleton is happiest when he is playing the piano.  His beautiful mother told me that they once had to send him a keyboard to college so he could get over homesickness and boredom.  

Not only does he have several pianos in his home, he also has one in his doctor's office in Sevierville.  He'll be quick to tell you that he only practices as a doctor in order to play the piano!

Those in attendance was treated to all the Christmas favorites, plus he worked in some Floyd Cramer, so show tunes, and some Righteous Brothers.  However, as usual, his music reflects his strong faith.
Between songs Dr. Littleton likes to give the history of the song he is going to play.  He also interjects some Harriman history; mostly from his school days back in the early 70's.  The crowd loves it all and cheered at the mention of old names and events he mentioned.
In the photo above he is holding an algebra test from when he had Mr. Thompson in high school.  "I made a 63 on this test, the lowest grade I ever made," he explained, "and everyone else in the class made a 63," which would have been good news because of the "curve", "except Scott Mason made 93!"  The crowd laughed hardily, because Scott was in the audience!

After that, he played the Harriman High Alma Mater!
Muse Watson was his special guest, and he never fails to please, whether it be reading a poem or singing.  Singing was out of the question this visit, since he has been very sick with bronchitis.  However, his poem "The Christmas Guest", by Helen Steiner Rice, was very touching and right in line with the season.
And, of course, Dr. Littleton brought out his son Caleb to accompany him on "Little Drummer Boy".  He says it's really so his grandmother can see and hear him on stage.  Regardless, the two work well with each other; both are huge talents.
One of the most poignant moments during the concert, for me anyway, was while he was showing old home movies of his family and playing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas".  One slide that came up was an old Sunbeam Bread ad, and I remember seeing his dad "Jim" driving around in that old Sunbeam truck many times.  

I could not help but get a little choked up seeing that and Dr. Eric silhouetted on stage.  He said he almost didn't make it through rehearsal himself!  

I understand why too, because that job paid for all those piano lessons, and college for him and his brother Mark.  We owe so much to our parents...thank them before it's too late!
There was also a cheer from the audience when the new screen started down.  It will be quite emotional for most of us when that happens, for a long time to come.  We have waited so long.

Here are some of the other photos from before and after the show.  Both signed autographs and greeted each person attending the event.
It was a great show...wish you had been able to make it!

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