PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: "A Christmas Snow" Played At The Princess Saturday Evening

Sunday, December 21, 2014

"A Christmas Snow" Played At The Princess Saturday Evening

A modest crowd got to watch "A Christmas Snow" Saturday evening with the star, Muse Watson.  It's not often that happens in your life!
I suppose I was the luckiest one of all, since I sat with him in the balcony (don't tell Megan...we weren't supposed to be up there).  He listened to the audience reactions to specific scenes; even peering over the rail a few times.  
Fortunately for me, it was dark in the theater, and he couldn't tell when I got verklempt during a couple of my favorite scenes.  When Katie finds her father's pocket watch is one, but the kicker is when she sees Sam outside the window near the end.  Gets me every time!

It was wonderful sitting up there remembering yesteryear; hearing the rattle of popcorn bags and the smell was awesome.  Yes, I had a bag too!
Muse has many devoted followers in Harriman and they always flock around him given the opportunity.  We are fortunate to have him in this area, and he maintains a small farm locally in order to have a place to stay during special events.  His celebrity has been a plus for the Princess, and he never passes up and opportunity to promote it.  
He also loves reminding us of "the dream", and he brought three reasons for that dream out on stage with him.
During the brief intermission, Chris Mason pulled ticket numbers and the Simply Sweet Bakery gave away cookie tins.  Do your remember the give-aways during movies long ago?

This was the second movie of the holiday season and I think most people really appreciated the nostalgic throwback.  There are no more movies scheduled for now, but you can rest assured there will be more.

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