PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Local Talent Opens For 2Steel Girls

Monday, June 23, 2014

Local Talent Opens For 2Steel Girls

2Steel Girls put on a great show Saturday night.  The attendance was not what it should have been for these ladies, but hopefully they will come back before they get too big to perform at the Princess.  They will, get better known and soon.  They are a great country singing duo!

Dennis Willard of WECO interviews the Steel Family before the show.

Krystal, Aaron, and Allison Steel
Allison & Krystal Steel, Allison is the mother, stood out front of the Princess and waved to everyone that passed, gave an interview to WECO's Dennis Willard, and had photos made.  They wanted to be sure and have a photo made in front of our Princess, for their Facebook page.

2Steel Girls, Country Music Duo from NBC’s, The Voice, season 3 team Blake Shelton were born and raised in Jackson County Ohio but now live in Nashville, TN. Most think that Allison & Krystal Steel of 2Steel Girls are sisters, but they are not, they are mother and daughter and the only mother, daughter duo to ever perform on the show.
Inside rehearsals and sound check was going on.  "Stone, Jess and The Rest" were on stage hitting their marks and sounding great.  Stone plays the keyboard.
Next up was Princess Talent Show winner Emery Francis, and her piano.  She is always on her game and her voice was as clear, strong, and confident as ever.  I could hardly wait for her to take the stage later.
So the stage is set, the audience is filing in, the lighting is up, the sound checks have been made.  Now all that remains is THE SHOW!
The local kids were relaxed and joking during during sound check, but soon reality sets in just off stage, and before they know it, it's "Show Time"!  A few nervous looks, bitten lips, and they move to their marks.  Adrenalin soon pushes the stage fright away and the kids begin to show their stuff!
Out on the stage Dennis Willard introduces the Oakdale talent to the audience, which gives them more time to settle down.  It worked!  They gave a great performance and the audience responded with their applause.
Then it was time for 2Steel Girls!

Since their last performance on The Voice in Dec. 2012, they have recorded with Blake Shelton, released their debut CD on the Today Show, Hallmark’s Home & Family among other national television shows. On January 5th, 2014 the girls signed with PCG Nashville, an Artist Development company run by seasoned Nashville executive Bernard Porter. Porter founded PCG Nashville in 2008 and has had a key role in the signings of Jason Aldean and Joe Diffie among others. These girls are rising Country Music stars, definitely ones to watch, and they performed on our stage!
Allison is definitely the inspirational leader of the band.  She bounces around, flips her long blonde hair in time with the music and grabs the point position at center stage. 
Krystal performs as if she's been raised on stage, and she practically has.  Both voices are right on key and blend so well they almost sound as one.

They gave the audience more than $15 worth of entertainment, and so many missed a great opportunity to hear 2Steel Girls perform.  They will live to regret not coming.  These girls are on their way!

Here are more shots for Saturday evening...

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