PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: GOLD CITY Inspires A Princess Audience

Sunday, June 8, 2014

GOLD CITY Inspires A Princess Audience

Playing the Princess Theatre Friday night (June 6th) was Gold City, the standard for male quartets since their inception in 1980.   Many groups have tried to pattern their style and sound, but there’s only one Gold City!  Theirs is a stellar career with numerous number one songs, fan and industry awards, and prestigious honors.  Yet this Gadsden, Alabama-based group remains down-to-earth, grounded in their southern roots, and committed to continuing their mission of delivering power-packed four-part harmonies and singing songs that are meaningful, entertaining, inspiring, and uplifting.
(L-R) Bryan Elliott, Robert Fulton, Chip Pullen, Daniel Riley, and Tim Riley.
Now into their 34th year, legendary bass vocalist, 2013 Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame Inductee, and multi-award-winning Tim Riley continues to anchor the group with his rich, deep, and clear bass voice.  His son, Daniel Riley, bartione, has assumed the management role and leads the group onward into the future.  He provides a smooth baritone vocal that blends perfectly with the other voices in the group, but also has the versatility to step out for a solo with power and soul.  Lead vocalist Chip Pullen follows a long list of dynamic lead vocalist and takes a back seat to no one.  Although the newest member to Gold City’s team, Chip has quickly gained fans with his commanding voice and musical delivery as well as his easy-going personality.  Tenor Robert Fulton puts the top on the sound with his high clear tenor voice and sincere delivery of each song.  Bryan Elliott accompanies the group with his talent and skill on the piano, providing those subtle yet effective musical enhancements for the group’s vocals–as well as shining center stage on instrumental solos.
I had not had the pleasure of hearing this group until Friday night, so to my surprise Tim Riley's deep bass brought back memories of Richard Anthony Sterban's famous "oom-pa-pa-oom-pa-pa-oom-pa-pa-mau-mau" bass solo in the Oak Ridge Boys' 1981 single "Elvira"!  Let me tell you, Tim could give ol' Sterban a run for his bass money!  The speakers vibrated, my chest vibrated, and a big smile came to my face.
In the above photo, Daniel seems to be trying to match his father's deep notes!  Maybe one day he will, but for now, Tim Riley is lead bass in Gold City!
Anyway, the show was good and all the group's favorite were poured out to the Princess audience; an audience that wasn't quite the size you would expect at a Gold City performance!  There should have been more of us there to share in this inspirational performance.  Maybe we'll get better at supporting the Princess, our city, our county, and ourselves.  

See you soon!

Here are more photos from the evening with Gold City:
It was actually Dr. Chris Whaley's request that brought Gold City to Harriman!
Like I said, this is Dr. Whaley's favorite group.  He was a happy camper!
You can see the pride in Daniel Riley's face, as he watches his dad sing!
I cannot post this without expressing my happiness in also seeing two old friends at the Princess Friday night.  One, Gordon Raby (no photo), of Oliver Springs, who did South Central Bell work for me at Y-12 over a decade ago.
The other was Bennie Lowery.  I met Bennie in 1962 and last saw him 50 years ago!  Bennie actually recommended me, nearly 5 years ago, for the photo historian job with the Princess Foundation.  It so good to see him again.

I told him that the only reason I took the assignment was to get to see him again.  Well, it was 5 more years in coming, but I got to see Bennie Friday night.  It was a very good night!

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