PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Erica Lane Preforms To An Intimate Crowd

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Erica Lane Preforms To An Intimate Crowd

Outside, the Princess cast a welcoming white light across Roane Street, and to attract more attention, she lit up her tall face in shades of red, purple, blue, and white, but inside it was evident that most passersby simply continued on their way!  Have we forgotten how much we wanted her, how hard we worked for her?
We have to do better than this folks!  The fight for the dream continues everyday.  If we fail to support even the seemingly smallest of events, we will lose her again.  

Please, PLEASE, bookmark this website, the RSCC website, and the various Princess, Harriman, and Roane County Facebook pages for upcoming attractions.
The most expensive show yet were the $30 premium tickets for Marshall Tucker.  Most tickets are from $5 to $15, with some shows sponsored by RSCC absolutely FREE!

So, I'll quit preaching and get back to what happened inside the Princess Saturday evening, and it was good!

Erica Lane (Saylors) again brought her Christmas musical concert to Harriman and graced the Princess stage.  Even though there were barely over 200 people present, she performed as if it was to a live national audience.  I was personally embarrassed at the turnout!  Was that the best we can do? (TO SEE LAST YEAR'S REVIEW CLICK HERE!)

Anyway, her voice, backed by Rachel Mann and American Idol finalist, Johnny Keyser gave the great Princess acoustics a work out!  She sang all of the Christmas favorites, plus a few of her own songs.  
She made all the old favorites new and exciting with her stunning and silky vocals.  Erica is a prolific songwriter, and has toured internationally, starred in a reality TV series “Inspired Ambition,” and is featured on nearly a dozen film soundtracks.  Her album “A Merry Little Christmas” received glowing reviews and was selected as the Classic Christmas Standout by OnCourse Magazine.
Here are a few more photos from last evening's show.  Note, the fog machine was on high, so the photos suffered accordingly.

I apologize for the chastising, but you know I care about the Princess, and Harriman.  If it never meets the expectation of "the dream", then we can only blame ourselves for none support.  And, please pass on news about upcoming events.  If you can't make it, maybe your neighbor can.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

i personally would rather see the princess back as a movie theater showing movies as it used to. I can remember the lines being all the way down past the hospital to get in. using it for live shows on the side would be fine but movies should be its main purpose, it would bring a lot more business than it will as is. just my opinion but it is shared by lots of people i know said...

That can never happen again. Small town theaters can not compete with large multi-screen theaters, TV, Netflix, YouTube, etc. It's been tried over and over.

The Princess can only survive if it is supported, and if a few things change; things like youth and children involvement, cooperation with the local schools, drama clubs, etc.

However, certain holidays could be supported with timely movies, but as yet the Princess has no projector or screen. More money is needed, and supporting Foundation events is one way of doing this.

Anonymous said...

I remember back in 2009 there was mention of the production studio being used to film a reality show in Harriman. Anyone ever kick around ideas for a reality show? That's kind of an out there ided but it was mentioned at Roane State back in 2009.

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