PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Dr. Eric Littleton, Muse Watson, Phil Williams, And Jay Adams At The Princess Theatre

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dr. Eric Littleton, Muse Watson, Phil Williams, And Jay Adams At The Princess Theatre

Out on Roane Street everything was ready for a Christmas celebration.  Music played from the street speakers, and even store windows were decorated (Adkission's Flowers and Gifts got my vote for the best), and Carol Farmer was at the ready in the Princess ticket booth.
Darkness comes early this time of year, and by 5PM the Princess lights beckoned folks to stop and come in awhile.  Inside, the multiple Christmas trees and other decorations put everyone in a festive mood.

The stage was decorated and setup for the performers, the sound was checked, and the lighting was tested.  The "Max Woody" rocker was in place and the lineup was taped to the floor!
Backstage the evening's artist nervously talked and prepared themselves to perform their best.

Chris Mason introduced local radio talk-show host Phil Williams, of 98.7 FM, who set the tone for the evening.  Jokes came quick from the hip and the familiar voice had them rolling in the aisles!

Dr. Eric Littleton came on stage to a great round of applause and began playing the Christmas favorites to his own arrangements.  These arrangements often blended two or more songs with similar melodies, or it might be "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"!  A tune that Phil Williams confessed he hated to get requests for, but Dr. Littleton makes everything sound so much better...besides, there were no crazy lyrics!
We also learned that Phil Williams is not just another pretty faced DJ!  No sir!  The boy can pick a lick or two!  However, he first sat down and pretended to take Littleton's place at the piano.  After a few finger picking keys, he rose and left the stage, which brought the house down.

Back on stage, Williams took up his guitar and picked and grinned awhile, getting the audience to join in loudly, so as to make themselves heard out on Roane Street!  Everyone had a ball.

Phil then introduced actor Muse Watson, in his best "Mike Franks" voice and Muse and the children took the stage.  Muse read to the attentive children from "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore.

Muse told the audience that "this", pointing to the children, is what the Princess dream was all about.  We have to get our children more involved here at the Princess!

Jay Adams, of 105.5 FM,  was also a surprise...he too can pick a tune or two, and usually one that he wrote!  Funny is also his game, mixing it up on the "Redneck/Redcoat" morning show!  
At the expense of Dr. Littleton, who grew up in Harriman and played football, Adams put on his sportscaster hat and earphones, and with the help of an old teammate of Littleton's, began to dig into the funny stories of old Harriman football games starring Littleton!  It was all in great fun and Dr. Littleton enjoyed it more than anyone.

Caleb Littleton joined his father on stage for "Little Drummer Boy".
Dr. Eric took the fun a little further by returning to the stage after intermission wearing his old Harriman High letterman jacket!  Old number 81 was back before the home crowd and everyone loved it!  He played the next set wearing the jacket, which he couldn't button by the way, proudly!
While up in the balcony, I noticed that several supporters have begun buying a seat, complete with name tag, like the one above.  You could have one too, just fill out this form and turn it in at the Princess!
Some left immediately after the show, but most stayed for autographs and CDs.  Caleb handed out his dad's CDs, and Muse signed photos and shook lots of hands.
I left about then, took a parting photo of my Princess, and walked down the street to enjoy the window displays.  

This is something I hadn't seen a lot of in Harriman since I was a boy.  Adkisson seems to be bringing back the tradition, and I'm so glad.  Take your kids downtown and start building a tradition for them!


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