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Let me begin by apologizing for being so out of date with this post, but computer problems prevented me from being more timely!

If you just want to read a few words and then look at pictures, kind of like reading Playboy, then suffice it to say the Bill Landry, Sam Venable, Jim Claborn, and Elizabeth Rose were a hit in "Talk Is Cheap"!

The show occurred (hopefully with you in attendance) on August 11th.

The people poured into the Princess early and soon there was a packed house anxiously awaiting local celebrities that have entertained them for decades on TV, radio, on stage, in newsprint, in books, or at a festival somewhere. These four entertainers thoroughly delivered to their adoring fans that evening in Harriman.

They lined up outside to get in or to pick up "will call" tickets at the window.  Once inside, after "howdyin' and shak'in", as we're prone to do in these parts, they lined up at the counter to buy some memorabilia, or just to thank them for the years they had made them smile, or flat laugh out loud!

Soon it was show time, and Landry took the stage to MC and introduce this cohorts and set the stage for action.
First up was Jim Claborn who came on stage to hawk is elixir!  But Bill wasn't buying the miracle cure-all, until it cured an old man (a.k.a. Venable) of everything that ailed him!
That just set the stage for Claborn's stage act, which consisted of getting the audience involved and participating on stage.  From there it just got everyone rolling.

Bill told some of his tale tales about his years as host and narrator of the famed "Heartland Series".  He has more stories than he could ever tell in one sittin'!

I can still hear her doing that evil witchy voice and moving her fingers like big witchy teeth!  Can't you?!

Along about then Ms. Rose took to the stage and held everyone's attention, moving them to the edge of their seats with vintage stories that have been handed down through the ages.  She tells and teaches storytelling, as well at storytelling festivals all through the South.  Oh yeah, she also teaches at Cherokee Elementary in Kingston.  Bet she can teach some history tales too!

Wrapping up, after two acts and a small intermission, Sam took the stage and immediately had folks wiping tears of laughter!  If you've ever read his articles in the Sentinel, then you know he can tell a story or two.  It was so great to hear them in his own words...maybe even funnier!  I'm afraid we're going to lose him to a comedy barn somewhere!

Back stage while others are own stage, the performers sitting quietly, trying to remember their lines, and occasionally listen to who was on stage.  I feel honored to be "back stage" at Princess Production events.  You get a feel for what it takes to get up and entertain folks.  It's kind of scary for them, but such a joy at the same time.  I try to catch some of those moments and wonder what's going on inside those creative minds.
I'd like to point out the big man standing back in the shadows on the left (below), in the mafia style red striped shirt.
That's Jeff Wilson, a blogging buddy of mine from Texas, that has been reading about the Princess restoration ever since I started posting about it.  He was so honored to have been asked to perform security duties that evening and be part of the Princess history.  Thanks man!
Well, the show had to end sometime, and after some Q&A, the group left the stage to thunderous applause!

Back stage they congratulated themselves and vowed to continue the tour in other parts.
So the people left, with some talking and others still laughing.  

It's over, and you may have missed it, but the good news is that the tour is coming to Dandridge on November 4!  Check it out!  You'll be glad you did!  

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FHB said...

That was a pure pleasure. I hope I get a chance to lurk back stage again some day.

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