Sunday, September 16, 2012


Had you forgotten about Elvis being in town!?

I almost had, but finally got my computer humming and processed all the photos from that August 18th evening!

The faithful Elvis fans poured into the Princess from all corners of the area.  Mostly more mature fans, but there were some up and coming fans there as well.  They stood in line and filled the sidewalk in Harriman before the show. 

The crowd was handily warmed up by Patty Waszak, a singer, song writer, musician, and comedienne from her Country Tonight Show in Pigeon Forge!  Repeatedly voted the Best Show in the Smokies!
Patty sang, played numerous instruments, and kept the full house roaring in laughter!  She was a great surprise to me, not knowing there would be an opening act, and neither did the audience, but we were sure glad she came!  Patty also helped with Greg Johnson's on-stage performance later in the show, especially when he got audience members on stage.

Yes, the real Elvis has been gone for 35 years, but almost to the day he died, Greg Johnson, of Oliver Springs, brought his "Elvis Live" show to the Princess in Harriman.

Upon seeing Greg in full costume for the first time you are struck first by how much he looks the part.  His face and hair are so close to what you remember of Elvis that at first you think he's the real McCoy, and when he hits his first note the voice rings true to memory as well.  Greg has got the part down!
After Patty, the lights went down and then a spot light finds "Elvis" at the back of the auditorium!  "Viva Las Vegas" strikes up and an entourage leads "Greg" down the aisle to the Princess stage!  It's so reminiscent of all of Elvis' shows in the past...and the show is on!

On stage, his white skin-tight suit glistens with colorful rhinestones and conjures up the Elvis persona from the past and makes it all seem real today.

Greg's voice is almost "right on" and he sang almost all of the old favorites, and the crowd loved it!  They stood and danced and clapped and cheered as if it was the early 70's all over again.

And...when he knelt at the edge of the stage women of all ages rushed forward to get a scarf draped around their necks, and, if fate chose it, a kiss!  It was like a scene from yesteryear...ELVIS LIVED once again just for the young at mind and heart!

Once again, Elvis had left the building!
If you have never seen Greg's performance, you need to add it to your bucket list.  For that one night/day, Elvis will live again!  It's a grand tribute!  

See Greg next at the October Feast in Oliver Springs, October 20th! 


FHB said...

Lord above. You think that if a fat Stevie Nicks impersonator did a show at the Princess that we'd line up at the stage for a smooch?

Paul Mashburn said...

I would!

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