Friday, June 26, 2009


Muse Watson is in town to promote Brooks Benjamin’s “Boys of Summerville”, that will be shown tonight (Friday June 26) at the Roane State Theater, beginning at 7 PM. He is also here to do promos for Harriman, Roane County, and the Princess Project with Chris Mason and Bill Landry.

Wednesday evening, at the Roane County farm he calls his “hideout”, Muse served up an old fashioned wiener and marshmallow roast! It was a hoot, and all about family and fellowship! Several area friends were on hand to welcome Muse home and to just sit and listen to his “Hollywood” stories – most I wouldn’t dare repeat! I could have stayed all night, but the family only had enough tents for themselves.

That’s right; Muse, wife Nancy, and daughter Sophie camped out under the stars over Roane County. They love the area and the outdoors. As a matter of fact, a hike down around Clifty Creek was scheduled for early Thursday morning. I was invited, but I’m too big a coward…I’ve seen the snakes down in that area this time of year!

Anyway, it was great finally meeting Muse face-to-face. We’ve spoken on the phone and numerous times via email, but this was our first personal meeting. I was impressed with Muse. He’s just a great down-to-earth county boy who is very engaging and interesting.

Wearing his cowboy hat and boots, he immediately began building a fire in the middle of a ring of bricks he had previously arranged. As soon as he saw me with the camera he displayed that big friendly smile of his. It’s the same smile he gets when he looks Nancy and Sophie’s direction. He’s very proud of his family.

I didn’t want to become the paparazzi, so I kept a low profile with the camera and shot using the available lighting. One shot was of him just as the setting sun broke through the trees and lit up his face beneath the brim of his hat. I think it captured all the character that Hollywood sees in his rugged face.

I just wanted you to see my new friend in the place that relaxes him the most – right here in Roane County.

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