Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In May of 2008, a catered fundraiser for the restoration of the Princess Theater was held at the home of Dr. Terry and Kathy Bingham, in Harriman. Invited guest were also treated to a feast for the ears by country music superstar Clint Black, who performed an acoustic set of some of his biggest hits, such as "Killin' Time" and "A Better Man."

Some of those in attendance included "The Heartland Series" host Bill Landry, University of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl with Brandy Miller (not pictured), soul-music entertainer Archie Bell, Roane State Community College President Dr. Gary Goff (not pictured), Carla and Ted Hatfield with Regal Entertainment Group (not pictured), Roane County Executive Mike Farmer (not pictured), Harriman Mayor Chris Mason and wife Shasta, photographer Shannon Stansfield (not pictured), Harriman businessman Gary Baker and veteran actor Muse Watson, who lives in Los Angeles but has a farm near Harriman. Watson has made numerous television and movie appearances, which include recurring roles on "Prison Break" and "NCIS," and the teen-stalker in the horror film "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and its sequel.

Baker donated the Princess Theater to Harriman in 2007. The money raised at the gathering will go towards the $1.9 million renovation project. The building is then planned to become a cultural and educational center for the arts, as well as a conferencing center of the regional area. The facility will be operated and managed by the Princess Theater Foundation and the City of Harriman, in cooperation with the Tennessee Technology Center and the Roane County School system.

The active center will serve as a seven-county center for cultural, educational, conferencing events, and as studios for a new public-access television station. COMCAST has provided Channel 15 to be used locally and operated by the students of Roane State.

As you can see, there are many people who care about making this dream come true. You too can become involved and take pride in a renewed downtown Harriman.


Bill Farnham said...

GREAT to see this blog here! It needs to be done, and I think it will help those who have long wanted this project to move forward to have a place to check on the progress.

Suggestion on some typos:
MIKE Farmer instead of MARK Farmer.

Also, for a couple of years now his correct title has been County Executive, not County Mayor. That was done away with for Roane County by an act of the legislature right after Mr Farmer took office.


Mushy said...

Sorry Bill...I closely followed a Sentinel story and it really has screwed things up. I'll make those changes and I appreciate that kind of feedback and support.


Mushy said...

P. S. The sad thing is Bill, I know him and still let it slip. Please keep me honest!

Sandi McBride said...

I enjoyed my trip to the Princess Theater, Mushy...thanks for the invite!
I'll be returning...what a lineup!

FHB said...

Looks cool. Reminds me of that Jazz/Blues concert I went to down near Austin last year. That one was set up to fund a hospital.

Anonymous said...

I hope the princess reopens in this cultureless wasteland. We the middleman need out local entertainment too!

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that our local office officials consider what an economic boost The Princess Theater would bring to the looming lack thereof within Roane County. Local revenue would skyrocket,and Down Town Harriman would prosper greatly!

Richard said...

I hear there's a big show coming to town. It will be at the Roane State Theater for the time being, but only until the Princess is back on her feet (hint, hint). In fact, the proceeds will go to help restore the Princess. This ain't an official announcement... It is more of a sneak preview for those who want to be in the know. Check out the rumor mill:

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