Friday, January 30, 2009


The Princess Theatre was the highlight of entertainment during the days of my youth. Oh, there were other theaters, skating rinks, a bowling alley, a drive-in theater, and a number of drive-in restaurants, but my fondest memories are of being at the Princess watching great old 50s and 60s movies.

I remember watching all the great westerns there. My heroes were Roy
Rogers, Rex Allen, Gene Autry, Rod Cameron, Will Bill Elliot, Lash LaRue, and even ol’ Gabby Hayes, and Smiley Burnette, whom I met once!

Sometimes these screen stars visited the Princess too!

I remember the popcorn smell of the theater and the sticky/tacky touch of the floor between the seats and the little squishy sounds it made when you walked over it.

I remember the low hum of teenage voices, just under the movie sounds, whispering in the ears of their dates or remarks made out loud meant to make an impression on some pretty girl.

Occasionally, there was a live show, or at least a prelude show to build up the intrigue for the up coming horror show. “
If you frighten easily, or if you have heart problems, or if you are here alone, I advise you to leave now!

This, of course, only made you want to see the movie that much more. “
The screen will flash red just before a scary scene to warn you. That will give you time to hide your eyes!

Okay, okay,” everyone would shout, “get on with it!

I also remember watching the Harriman Christmas parades, back in the 70’s, from beneath the canopy marquee, and holding my son on my shoulders (pictured far right).

Corey was Dub Harmon’s grandson and Cecil Johnson’s nephew, so he, and his cousin Brandon Powers (pictured on left, atop James Keebler’s shoulders) had the run of the theater back then.

As his childhood friend, Jason Whitus, reminded me the other day, Corey’s birthday parties used to be in the balcony of the Princess. It’s good to remember that the balcony was used for some good other than separating us from each other.

How about you…got any Princess memories?

Why not send them to us and get them posted here!?

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FHB said...

Love those old movies, and those old shots.

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