PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Delbert McClinton Concert Was A Hit!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Delbert McClinton Concert Was A Hit!

The floor of the Princess Theatre, and nearly half of the balcony, was full Friday night (May 11th) to enjoy a great lineup of entertainment.  The concert opened with Michael "Crawdaddy" Crawley and Stevie Jones (a.k.a. Crawdaddy Jones), who were soon joined by legendary Larry Raspberry!  The trio were fantastic together, and Crawdaddy even suggested they form a group called "Raspdaddy"!

Crawdaddy fully opened his "harp box" Friday night, and combined with his raspy-blues voice rocked the Princess audience.  His sidekick, Stevie, more than kept pace on his acoustic guitar!

Larry Raspberry lived up to his "dynamo" bio, and skillfully played his guitar and piano; featuring all his "greatest hits"!  The threesome rocked the stage and thrilled the audience; who interacted at Larry's direction.  

Then the long anticipated headliner appeared!  Delbert McClinton took the stage and filled the Princess with all his past and current hit songs. One of the most anticipated new songs was "Prick of the Litter" and Delbert did not disappoint. 

Delbert has a great following and a lot of the Princess audience were from out of town.  I overheard some say they went wherever Delbert was playing, and several even came to enjoy a "backstage pass" to have a photo taken with their favorite entertainer.  It's been said Delbert is an "American Treasure", and it certainly seemed that way to me.

Oh yes, I'll have to say that Delbert's band is awesome. They garnered my attention almost as much as Delbert's voice.  First the first beat of Jack Bruno on drums, and the first notes of Quentin 'Q" Ware (trumpet) and Dana Robbins (saxophone), I knew that it was going to be a great concert!  Then to push it over the top was the guitar of James Pennebaker, who is like family to Delbert, and has been with him since he was 19.  There was Mike Joyce on bass, Kevin McKendree on the Hammond keyboard, plus the wonderful lead of Bob Britt, who was out front with Delbert.

Yes, Delbert is a treasure, and we will always "treasure" the night we experienced Delbert McClinton on the Princess stage.  Thank you Delbert for the great evening! 

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