PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Near Sellout Crowd Thrilled With Restless Heart Performance

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Near Sellout Crowd Thrilled With Restless Heart Performance

With only a few balcony seats left available, Restless Heart was welcomed to the Princess Theatre Saturday night.  The legendary country group seemed happy and ready to play as they hit the stage; after stepping off their bus as the Tennessee game ended!
The group played all their best known hits, and were on stage for about 2 hours.  They also did a medley of songs by groups that helped propel their 30+ year career.  As front man Larry Stewart commented, "these groups allowed our bus to follow their bus into many venues across the country."
The current band consist of:

  • Larry Stewart – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

  • John Dittrich* – drums, background vocals

  • Paul Gregg – bass guitar, background vocals

  • Dave Innis – piano, keyboards, rhythm guitar, background vocals

  • Greg Jennings - lead guitar, background vocals

  • *John was replaced last night by Chris Golden.  John was out with some back issues and will return to play with the band soon.
    Harriman was busy last evening with a Princess concert and the Harriman City Fire Department's Haunted House going on at the old hospital.  It is always good to see Downtown alive and enjoying themselves.  Even Simply Sweet Bakery was open serving pastries, coffee, snacks, and adult beverages!  It was a good evening all around!
    Greg White (seen photo bombing the group) of Music City Knoxville, who has brought many acts to the Princess, was well pleased with the turnout last night.  I'm sure this will encourage him to continue bringing entertainment to our Princess, and we need to show support to his, and all, performances.  There's no where around that your can get this quality of sound for these kind of prices!
    And speaking of sound, they have finally got the sound quality to match the Princess acoustics!  Last night's sound did not overdrive the eardrums, and I still say the best seats in the house are in the balcony.

    So, enough of my rattling on, here are the photos!
    Hope to see you next you can see, we always have a great time!

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