PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: Boys' Night Out Rehearsal Goes Well

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boys' Night Out Rehearsal Goes Well

I sat through last night's rehearsal at the Princess and was just blown away by C. Vaughn Leslie's voice.  He may be in an older man's body, but the youthful C. Vaughn is still in there!  I could hardly wait to hear what he sang next!
When he really got into the groove, he danced around, snapped his fingers, and let the old C. Vaughn loose!  He's still got it!  He's keeps that old voice in top shape and loves to be on stage and let it live again!

If you miss tonight's show, you will have missed one of the best shows the Princess has had.  It will be Boy's Night Out's second appearance on the stage.  They were here just a little over a year ago with the TAMS.  Tonight they headline and they are a headline group!
The rehearsal was fantastic and a learning experience for the two new members.  However, the band is tight and you'll enjoy them, and the old sounds of a "horn" band!

Boys' Night Out (BNO) was organized in 1983 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, with the goal of recreating the authentic performances of the rhythm and blues (R&B) music that had been extremely popular with teenagers in the south during the late 1960s. Boys' Night Out's first public performance was at the Oak Ridge Azalea Festival on May 5, 1984, and they have played a busy schedule ever since.
Oh yeah, Clifford Curry was there too.  Such a great guy, and he's still full of "the music"!

Tickets available at the door!

The cost is only $15 and it goes to a great cause; the Tony Mason Memorial Scholarship Fund!  Come give and receive a great night of entertainment!

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