PRINCESS THEATRE - Raising the Curtain: The Princess Hosted Her First Prom - Oakdale High School 2013

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Princess Hosted Her First Prom - Oakdale High School 2013

The first prom ever held inside the Princess Theatre happened this past Saturday.  Oakdale High School held it's 2013 Junior/Senior Prom and made use of the entire facility under the theme "Big City Bright Lights - The Way You Look Tonight"!
Prom goers picked up their tickets at the ticket booth, then lined up on the "red carpet" to enter their prom. 
On the theatre seats were personalized programs, and the tickets guided prom guests to their respective row and seat. 
As a Princess Foundation Board Member, former English Teacher, and current RSCC Adjunct, Vera Scarbrough read a proclamation from Mayor Chris Mason (who was out of town) and welcomed the students to the theatre...a first for the Princess!
Students enjoyed delicious refreshments and after their program of "Remember Whens, "Wills", and a "class prophecy", they danced on the stage...also a first.  All reported a good time (noted by the many smiles in the attached photos).  The couples looked radiant in their prom attire. 
Every inch of the Princess was used, including the mezzanine where a professional photographer took individual and couple photos.

Here are more photos from the "Big City Bright Lights - The Way You Look Tonight" evening at the Princess:

As the evening wore on, some prom goers went out to eat, or on to the big city of Knoxville...but the fun started in Harriman's Princess!

*Photos courtesy of Gary Baker!*
Please remember, the Princess is available for most any type of event, and can accommodate most any crowd.  The Princess is there for all.  

Plan now for your next prom or reunion.  Use the contact information at the top right of this website to book the Princess.

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