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I can't say Thursday night was a packed house, but there was a nice crowd, and everyone seemed to have a great time.  I was just disappointed in was a $10 ticket and the music was so much better than you might have expected, so why weren't you there?!

Folks we have got to get out and support every event held at the Princess if we expect our city to grow.  It's wonderful to see old friends, to be inside the Princess, and to have something to do in Harriman.  Isn't that what we've been wanting?  

Before showing and telling you about the show, I like to take a line here to thank The Spot restaurant for being open late during performance evenings.  They do a bang up business during these times, keeping the roadies, sound guys, and artists fed.  One day soon, someone will figure our they can make a buck opening a place to hang out prior to and after concerts at the Princess!

The Spot is more than a sandwich shop too.  They fed the band plate dinners, that Kerry Walker raved about.  So check'em out!
To a little over half capacity crowd, the DetroitDaddies Trio, consisting of Michael "Crawdaddy" Crawley (harmonica/vocals), "Detroit Dave" Meer (guitar/vocals), and Ben Maney (keyboard/vocals)  and took the stage and really warmed up the crowd.  
The bluesy "trop" artists got the house moving, and all so ready for the main event!  Crawdaddy was a ball of fire, and got the crowd into the music by jumping from the stage and continuing to play while sitting in some laps!  He then leaped back up and rolled back into place at the microphone!
Up next was another music treat, The Rockerz from Atlanta!  The Rockerz have made a name for themselves throughout the south playing with the likes of Mitch Ryder, Barry "Eve of Destruction" McGuire, Sonny Geraci of the Outsiders (Time Wont Let Me), Climax (Precious and Few), Archie Bell, Dennis "Classics IV" Yost, and Dennis Tufano (original voice of the Buckinghams).
The current line up of The Rockerz is fairly new but Steve G is a seasoned leader and front man who pulls it all together.  The Rockerz formed in 1995, and Stevie's strong vocals and guitar playing are the foundation to the band's great sound.  Steve Guettler is the bands front man playing a great lead guitar and doing vocals, with Brad Slipiec (keyboards), Alex Jones (bass), and Kerry Walker (drums). 

Stevie G has been the undisputed Master of Mayhem since The Rockerz first album, "If You Came Here For The Party Then We're Here To Rock-n-Roll" in 1996.  Ten years later, the album, “Sand in My Shoes” was out and rocking hard.  Stevie G has written all of the songs on these albums, and his latest album, “Big News in a Small Town”, is no exception and sure to be a hit!
So, then it was time for Dennis Tufano, the original voice of the 60s group Buckinghams!  Backed by the Rockerz and Steve Jarrell, who drove up from Nashville just to be on stage with his old friend Dennis.  I've written about Steve previously on my personal blog, and he is a talented sax player with a following of his own.  His contribution to the band Thursday night was notable.
The ladies went wild from the first moment Dennis stepped on stage.  He may be my age now, but he has been taking better vitamins!  He still had his youthful shape and energy, and he put his heart and soul into every song.  He was dripping wet from the sweat he worked up entertaining the Princess audience.  

The women were whistling, yelling, and clapping during and after songs like "Don't You Care", "Hey Baby They're Playing Our Song", "How Can I Be Sure", "Kind Of A Drag", and more.  He still pulls his audience into his beloved music and travels many miles a year from his California home for the love of his craft.
Tufano is an accomplished "harp man" as well, so he and "Crawdaddy" hit it off immediately, talking over and examining the "harp box" backstage. 

So, suffice it to say, if you weren't there, you missed a great show.  The "Tufano" name may not be well known, but folks rest assured, if Princess Productions brings a show, any show, to the Princess, you can count on being entertained.  So, get up and get out!  I'll keep you informed right here!

Next up at the Princess from "Hunger Relief in Roane County", the Vespers!  Sunday, June 3rd on the Princess stage.  For more information, click HERE!

Here are more photos from Thursday night's concert:

Sound check is my favorite time.  I'm there getting a feel for the band and performers and the anticipation begins to build.
Our own Jimbo Duncan and Darrell Cole run themselves ragged making sure all the cables are interconnected and each mic, amp, "wedge monitor", and woofer are putting out the needed sound and feed.  Darrell even added his backup singing talent to one of the Rockerz songs!

Each performer goes through a portion of the upcoming songs and makes sure they can hear themselves and that the audience will be comfortably entertained.

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Dennis Tufano said...

I want to thank Mayor Chris Mason and Gary Baker for making my show at The Beautiful Princess Theater a success. It was my pleasure to be a part of this celebration of the renovation to a landmark theater. Thanks to the Spot for keeping us well fed. Thank you to the audience members who gave us a fantastic reception.
Be well. Dennis Tufano, The Original Voice of The 1960's Buckinghams.

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