Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I hadn't visited the Channel 15 studio in some time, so today, being a beautiful day, I stopped by to see what Matt was up to.  The whole studio floor had been replaced with new shiny tile!  The place really looked clean and spotless.

Matt has rearranged the place too!  There is a large conference table near the front door where he and his students gather for class.  The workstations are against the wall on both sides of the studio, and he tells me new chairs are coming any day.

Matt promised to send us photos of the new furnishings, plus of the new "set screen" that has been built, and will be painted.  This addition will give the students something to hang articles on for their in-house productions. 

The place seems so open now, and I remembered Muse and Gary saying that one day people will be able to walk down the street, look in, and see the studio in operation.  You can do that today!  There are around 20 students taking classes there now, and more to come.

You may also see these same students while out driving around area.  They go out and shoot raw "footage" and then come back to the studio to do their editing.  Matt also promised to send us some photos of the students on location, and he says he's already posting some on the Channel 15 Facebook page.  Check it out!

I updated this post to include a couple of shots Matt posted on Facebook, showing part of his class during a recent shoot.  Looks like lots of fun!

This is the most important part of the dream folks...our children having a place to learn the arts!  Do all you can to encourage and support them!

Up at the Princess, I found James and Adam working hard to finish up the marquee.  James told me that there will be yellow neon on the red badge; front and center of the marquee.  This should add another be splash of color for us to enjoy!

She's looking good folks...everything is painted and cleaned up inside.  I think all that remains is getting the new curtain and sound system up!  It's just another milestone that I've (we all have) been waiting anxiously on since the beginning.

Oh yeah, one last thing.  I found out today...the raggedy old awning hanging out in front of the Channel 15 studio will also be replaced soon.  That had been bothering me for some time!

We're getting very close to the opening folks!


psfowler said...

Wonderful!!!! So glad to hear about that awning too!!! Wow, piece by piece our town is coming back! Perhaps even better than ever!
Thanks for the update Paul!

Matt said...

The Channel 15 Facebook page is at and it is open to everyone.

Mushy said...

Wow...someone actually commented! Highly unusual for this blog. Thanks!

Lorie Fox said...

So glad to see Harriman coming back to life!

Anonymous said...

I also hear rumor of a new up beat cafe moving in across the street. Sort of a cross between Starbucks and Planet Smoothie. It it suppose to offer a great menu with live entertainment on the weekends. Oh and WiFi. We really need this. it should also create a few jobs. Can't wait.......I will let you know more as I find out.

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