Thursday, November 17, 2011


I visited the Princess today and walked into the "concession" area, where Dr. Tappan used to have his practice, and then made my usual rounds through the auditorium, upstairs to the balcony, and back stage.  I came back to where I came in and there sat the new concessions counter!  It hadn't been 15 minutes!
So, it just goes to show you that things are happening rapidly at the Princess.  Most things are on schedule, but there are a few "hard to find" items that are making an opening a little hard to define.  
I've decided that I don't care...I want it open, but I want it to be presentable too!

With a project this bold and complex, an opening date has always been a moving target. I'm thinking that a 2011 opening is a bit ambitious, and that January is looking better.

In the meantime, I'll try my best to keep you up to date with all the changes that are happening.  Believe me, it is really coming together well and everyone has done a terrific job!

 New instrumentation has been added to the "art deco" walls, like these alarm and HVAC controls, but the paint scheme is really looking great.  The paint crew is working everywhere it seems; trying to cover up old paint, but mostly trying to stay ahead of the scratches and dents the construction causes.

The elevator is almost ready...I scared the maintenance man today with a surprise flash!  You can see here that there are a lot of wires, chains, and other gadgets to install.

The new restrooms are being fitted with vanities and sinks, and these additions are going to mean so much to us later.  Remember when there were only 2 to 3 stalls in both old bathrooms?  Well, we should not have to wait in line long in the future!

And, if you're as old as me, you can remember the era of segregation when black citizens had separate restrooms upstairs. [Thankfully we don't have to endure that degradation anymore.]

Those spaces are now rooms for part of the HVAC systems.  We can now enjoy the new facilities, up or downstairs, together; as it should have been.
The seats are still being assembled and they are working both the auditorium floor and the balcony area. 
However, never fear...the opening will be as soon as possible, and we would not want it to be too soon!  The Princess needs to open looking her best.

Don't you agree?

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