Thursday, October 6, 2011


Tim Plemons, Jaycen Roberts, Grey Mead, and Jerry Roberts (yes, they are related), of Superior Interiors were hired to reproduce the Princess' "Art Deco" color scheme.  I stopped their work Wednesday to take this quick photo.  I apologize to them for this photo being slightly blurry, but it is very difficult to get "auto focus" to work in the low light conditions of the Princess.  I'll try and get a better shot soon, and replace this one.  However, I wanted to get them and their work documented for history on the Princess blog as soon as possible.
Tim Plemons, Jaycen Roberts, Grey Mead, and Jerry Roberts
The team has been doing an outstanding job of recreating the original paint scheme.  They are constantly referring to Sparkman's engineering drawings, and looking at an old post card to match the colors and design as closely as possible.

"Art deco" may be strange to most people, especially those not old enough to remember the inside of the Princess Theater prior to the 70's, but what you will see on the ceiling, the walls, and the front of the balcony is what you would have seen if you walked into the Princess on or after the 1939 reopening of the theater after the devastating fire.  The Princess was intended, and will be, an "art deco" temple to the arts!

Our thanks to Tim Plemons and crew for their dedicated, and often hard, work.  It's not easy painting on your back, or balancing on one foot from a scaffolding brace!  Walking into the auditorium now makes people who are old enough to remember, like me, feel so good.  You can almost sense that the Princess is smiling herself!  She's coming back to life!

Outside, the marquee is now ready to support and light up the new marquee, which is expected within the next week or so.  You can see all the right curves on the fade of the support structures, which will match the shapes of the new banner.

No matter where you go within the Princess complex, you will see some type of working going on.  The process of cleaning up has began too.  The scaffolding should come down this Friday, so the last coat and touch-up paint should then finish up the auditorium.  Then, another milestone will begin, and that's the placement of the new seats!

This week the main air conditioning units were successfully tested, which may not seem that important on these cooler fall days, but next summer when you are being entertained inside the Princess, you'll be happy it all works!

Again, let me caution you not to ever take our Princess for granted again.  We didn't fully appreciate her until we no longer had her, so we need to remember that good things sometime slip from our grasp.  We need to work hard in supporting the activities there, and to treat her like she was our own home.

I'm thankful for having had the privilege of watching the Princess come to life on a daily basis.  The only drawback from this is almost bursting inside from the anticipation of seeing your face as you again walk into the Princess.  I can't wait for us to again enjoy being together at the Princess.  So, when you see me with my camera pointed at you...give me a big smile!

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