Saturday, July 30, 2011


If you've walked by Channel 15 on Roane Street lately, you've probably noticed the large check in the window.  A $2500 donation was recently received from Knox Heritage.  This money is officially designated as a "Save Our Signs Grant" and was given toward the construction of a new Princess Theatre marquee that will give a modern touch to the original marquee design.  Placement of the updated marquee is expected very soon!

Rest assured folks, there are lots of people on our side.  Like us, they want to see the Princess born again with a new purpose in life - not just to entertain us once again, but to educate and motivate our children!

You would also hear sounds of progress as you pass on up the street and pass the Princess.  There is a lot of work going on inside the old Margrave Drug and Tappan buildings.

Inside the "Margrave" building the elevator supports have been installed and are awaiting the installation of the elevator that will allow all patrons, regardless of their mobility, access to the balcony.  Two wheelchair ramps, on either side of the balcony, will give these audience members a grand view of the stage.

On the "Margrave" side of the wall between the "Tappan" building is a distinctive outline on the brick between steel supports.  

On the opposite side of the wall I found two workers laboring in their attempt to cut through the wall.  

This is where the new concession area will serve the expanded lobby.  Customers will place their orders on the "Margrave" side, while Princess workers will serve them from the "Tappan" side.  

To get a better perspective of the planned arrangement look at the new floor plan drawing again by CLICKING HERE.
They told me it was hard work, and were having some issues with the cut through the old fireproof wall, but they weren't giving up!
In the auditorium, the scaffolding is still up, but you can see and hear work going on up there too.  It shouldn't be long before all the framework comes down and the serious finishing detail work will begin.

The dust from the construction is being swept and washed away back in the prop and dressing room areas, and it won't be long before the lights, vanities, and chairs are placed.
And, as you know, when you drive by you can see that things change daily.  The glass and doors are in the store fronts that were just roughed in supports just a week ago.

Things are progressing, not as fast as we would like, but we do want it done right.  We will soon be proud of our Princess once again!

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