Thursday, February 24, 2011


Last evening, I was privileged to be on hand as Bill Radice, Channel 15's station manager, with the assistance of Jimbo Duncan, passed another milestone in the station's progress toward full studio presentations.  Bill Landry and Mayor Chris Mason were on hand to interview Dr. Eric Littleton who grew up and went to school in Roane County.  This interview was part of the first "real" test of the station's capabilities, and the interview will be broadcast on Channel 15 soon.

Dr. Littleton, who now lives and has a family practice in Sevierville, emphasized that part of his success in school and life was in large part because of his experience in arts education.  He further explained that, due to the economy, arts education is funded in the schools leaving a lot of “untapped talent” that goes unnoticed.  That is one of the reasons he is so excited about the Princess Performing Arts, Education, and Conference Center" project here in Harriman.  The television and future radio stations, plus the Princess stage will give many young people a chance to take a very different path than they normally would have.

Dr. Littleton is an accomplished pianist, and he owes his love of music for helping him through school, his current practice, and his life.  Click on this LINK to hear him play...wonderful! 

Some of you will no doubt remember his winning touch down catch in the 1984 football win over Kingston!  What can't this guy do?!

I'll let you know when this interview will be aired here on the blog and on our Facebook page.  

Channel 15 plans to air a series of inspiring interviews with people  from our community that "did good"!  Under the collective title of "Appalachian Dreams", these stories will showcase Roane County citizens (and former citizens) that went from "rags to riches", or who have lifted themselves up to be an inspiration to others.  The series is bound to very popular locally! 

Also taped, which today is a misnomer because everything is saved electronically these days, was Mayor Mason's monthly update of progress in Harriman.  The Mayor mentioned that all the street lights in Harriman will soon be replaced by easier to see LED lights, making driving through Harriman against that evening sun much safer!

One of the most exciting announcements to me was the possibility of Harriman purchasing the old paper mill property and turning everything from the current Riverfront Park almost around to the high school into a great recreational area full of ball fields and walking paths!  That would be great if that comes about, but there is a liability issue for Harriman for accepting the property, and that must be considered first.

This "update" will also be broadcast on Channel 15 soon.

As a matter of fact, the City of Harriman is extending an invitation to all City Mayors to utilize Channel 15 to air their own city updates, if they would like to do so.  However, it must be cautioned that the station cannot be used to "campaign" for any elected office.  All broadcast, whether live or pre-recorded must be pre-approved by the Channel 15 approval board.

So, for me, it was a very enjoyable evening.  Dr. Littleton's interview was very for it!

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