Monday, January 3, 2011


Whether you believe in "the dream" or not, as Muse Watson said in a promo shoot today at Channel 15 in Harriman, "Hold on to your bloomers, it's happening now!"

Muse is still in town on an extended holiday from Hollywood, and put his time and effort into his favorite project; the Princess Theatre!  Muse, with the assistance of Laura Armour (former "Heartland producer/writer), and Doug Mills (videographer for the "Heartland Series") turned out a number of promotional pieces that will be forthcoming between Channel 15 programming.

Several short spots can already be seen mixed in with the station's programming today.  However, Muse's emphasis today was getting out the message the the Princess Theatre, the City of Harriman/Roane State Channel 15 studio, and the future radio station will bring nothing but good things to the seven county area and the City of Harriman.

Check out the additional console equipment that Bill Radice has installed at the studio.  It's all so overwhelming and way above my head!  Today's technology has quickly surpassed anything I encountered in my computing and communications career at Oak Ridge.  I suppose that's why every now and then you have to run in some fresh young minds!

However, Bill Radice has kept up with the changing times and engineered a "state-of-the-art" television studio.  His career as a Grammy winning sound engineer in New York is serving us well here in Roane County.  This project has been blessed by talent willing to go that step beyond to get our "dream" up and running.

Outside, and inside as well, construction continues on the Princess Theatre.  Scaffolding now stands tall inside and outside the building.  

The inside is becoming more and more white and clean, and the new stage is being poured this week!  The stage is much wider and deeper than the previous one, making lots of room for stage plays, concerts, and your social and business events!

Outside, workers are starting the facade and I can hardly wait to see what it will end up looking like!  What colors will be used, and what new modern equipment and lighting will adorn the Princess' face?!  And, what will the new marquee be like?!

So, get on board's going, it's happening right now, and you need to be a part, a big part, of making the "dream" come true!  Remember, 2011 is the year of the Princess!


FHB said...

Man, that equipment looks cool! It'd be fun to play with. said...

I get to one day...can't wait!

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