Wednesday, December 15, 2010


New community station, Channel 15, is on the air

Television viewers flipping through channels, or directed there by the long-running Princess Theater blog,  may have noticed Roane County’s new community station, Channel 15.

Operated by Roane State Community College and based at the Princess Theater complex in downtown Harriman, Channel 15 gives the area a media outlet devoted to community news, information and events.

Here are a few questions and answers about the new channel.

What is Channel 15?
Channel 15 is a government and education channel created by Roane State and the City of Harriman. It is located in a state-of-the-art facility featuring all digital equipment. Roane State purchased equipment for the station and will operate it.

What is the connection to the Princess Theater?
The TV station is a separate entity from the theater but is part of the planned “Princess Performing Arts, Education and Conference Center.” The station is located adjacent to the Princess Theater and will be used to promote and televise some Princess events.

What will it televise?
When fully operational, Channel 15 programming may include local announcements; weather; traffic; sports scores; historical facts; entertainment news; public service videos; educational and documentary programs; college and community events; local sports games; school closings; government meetings; pre-recorded Princess Theater events; and classic movies. Just recently, the awards ceremony for the Roane County Student Writing Contest, sponsored by the Roane County Writers Group and the Kingston Public Library Foundation, was filmed for broadcast on the TV channel in 2011. The awards ceremony is a good example of how the channel will be used to recognize the good work happening right here in Roane County. Channel 15 also carried live coverage of the Harriman Christmas parade.

When will shows be on the air?
Programming such as taped events will likely start in spring 2011. While it will take time, eventually, the station will feature a diverse array of local programming. Channel 15 will be on 24 hours a day, and some programming will be repeated throughout the day.

What areas can see it?
Comcast cable customers in all of Roane County and parts of Morgan County can view Channel 15.

Can I buy a commercial on the new channel?
Under the guidelines for a channel designated as government and education, commercial advertising is not permitted. Sponsorship opportunities, however, are available, and individuals and businesses can donate to Channel 15.

Can anyone submit programs to be shown on the channel?
All programming is subject to an oversight committee, but requests will be considered. Most programming will be created by the college and its students. Part of the purpose of the new station is to serve as a classroom and laboratory for Roane State students who are studying communications.

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