Saturday, June 19, 2010


I was wondering around the alley behind the Princess this week, thinking about the work that will soon begin. Upon this roof we should soon see men busily working on putting down a new 40-year roof. That will signal the start of the restoration work! However, the work inside cannot begin until a new roof is firmly in place.

Muse Watson and Gary Baker, among others, have been meeting with Frank Sparkman, and the finer points of the restoration blueprints have been worked out. A roofing contractor has been hired and the work should begin in short order.

On the TV station front, if you notice when you go through Harriman that the door to the future Channel 15 studio is frequently open and lights burn. Workmen are making progress on the inside of this facility. Bill Landry has been hard a work with those involved at Roane State on deciding what is needed and ordering equipment for the station. We are told that by next year Channel 15 will be connected to the new digital Comcast network. This connection will make our TV channel available far and wide (most importantly, Knoxville)…not just in Roane County. This is huge for the success of the station and the Princess Complex.

So, keep you eyes on the roof and watch for the work to begin.

To all those naysayers, you better get on board now ‘cause you’re about to see you were wrong! Besides, we’re going to need your help!

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FHB said...

That's cool. So happy to see it happening.

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